The Shiva Is Coming, The Shiva Is Coming!

Just in time for the holidays, Pyranha‘s newest steep creek boat is on the way! Pryanha consistently turns out boats that live up the hype surrounding them and we expect the Shiva to be no different.  An all out creeker with a soft edge, here’s the beta on how the Shiva stacks up to Pyranha’s ever-popular Burn:

Progressive rocker : easy to boof and flair over featuresAggressive rocker : for great boofability
Forgiving rounded hull : gives softer landings on big dropsDynamic flat hull : planning surface for surfing and ferrying
Smooth stern chines : no rails to trip you up but chines for driving forcesHard carving rails : precision carving capability around the river
High volume bow and stern : rides easily over features, re-surfaces quicklyMedium volume bow and stern : punches through features
Rounded profile with low deck : easy to rollLow profile deck : easy to roll
Stern release edge : allows really fast linesV’d deck : sheds water and re-surfaces with control

Ready for a little Shiva eye candy now? We thought so! Enjoy!

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