TEVA Reel Paddling Film Festival in Hood River!

Wet Planet Whitewater Center & the Kayak Shed are super excited to host this event together, at the Columbia Center for the Arts. Grab your paddling buddies, come admire and be inspired by the beautiful places and rivers captured by these talented photographers. 

And lets raise a brew together afterwards at the Pint Shack, toasting the amazing place we live in, and the great boating community we have here. Cheers.

GET YOUR TICKETS! you can secure your seat by getting your ticket online, or you can wait and get it the door.
This event will also be a fundraiser for the 8th Annual White Salmon Riverfest Symposium.

See the event Facebook page for more details. 

Movies to be shown – start time 8pm!

– Of Souls + Water
From Forge Motion Pictures comes this groundbreaking web series. Filmed in exquisite HD, 5 episodes tell the real stories of 5 character archetypes, all bound together by the common theme of water. Combining artistry, adventure and ethos, Of Souls + Water redefines the genre of outdoor

– Balance
Shares the stories of three individuals who live their lives in very different ways. The characters are not professional athletes but rather working-class heroes – people who work to make time for the things they love. In this edition, follow Blair Trotman as he finds his path as a kayaking instructor after ending up in the Military. 

– Tierra del Fuego
A British couple tries to become the first to sea kayak 1000 miles around the remote and windswept island of Tierra del Fuego. Shipping delays, a stolen kayak, endless red tape, incessant winds and tendonitis threaten their safety and success. Share the highs and lows of this challenging world-first adventure while meeting some of the interesting people who survive in this harsh environment.

– Habitat – footage LOCAL RIVERS AND BOATERS!
This documentary takes you through 35 years of the progression of rafting in the Pacific Northwest. Shane Turnbull, John Hall (former AAA-Rafting/Wet Planet), Doc Loonis, Val Shaull and Jeff Bennett share tales of the evolution from early commercial boating to the private boating scene and into the modern day rush of rafters venturing beyond the guidebooks, exploring territory uncharted for rafts.

– Currents: The Grand Canyon
A journey through the Grand Canyon is a one in a lifetime trip for many. However, the Colorado river as we know it may not exist if it wasn’t for conservation initiatives undertaken over the years. Take a journey through the Grand Canyon with those who have fought to preserve this national

– Where the Yellowstone Goes
Where the Yellowstone Goes follows a 30-day drift boat journey down the longest undammed river in the contiguous United States. Intimate portraits of locals in both booming cities and dusty, dwindling towns along the Yellowstone River illustrate the history and controversies surrounding this enigmatic watershed, leading to questions about its

– That First Glide – 2013 Festival Winner for Documentary 
This film shares standup paddlings’s deep roots in early Polynesian and Hawaiian history. Learn about the first standup paddle enthusiasts who were playing around in Waikiki as early as 1939. Later in the ‘60s and ‘70s, follow guys like John Ah Choy and John Zapotocki who paddled boards well into the ‘90s. Showing interviews with Laird Hamilton and Robby Nash.


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