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  • Hobie’s Infant/ Child/ Youth Vests gives your little ones the comfort and safety found in adult PFDs.

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  • Hobie inflatable Belt Pack PFD is a great way to beat the heat while staying safe on the water. The Belt Pack stays out of the way until you actually need it. Just pull the quick inflate tab and you instantly have 26lbs of USCG approved buoyancy.

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  • Hobie’s Inflatable PFD is the ultimate low-profile rescue vest for serious kayakers.  Fisherman and sailors alike will love the comfort and ease of use this PFD offers. No more bulky foam getting in the way of your fishing or paddling. The unique inflatable design fits securely with minimal bulk but maximum floatation when you need it! Inflates using a CR4 CO2 cartridge (not included)[ADD HYPERLINK TO PRODUCT PAGE] Coast Guard Approved Type III PFD inflates to 25 lbs. quickly when triggered or manually inflate with just a few breaths

    This vest will accommodate users 80 lbs. and up and fit 30” – 52” chest sizes. The point indicator window allows you to easily see if your quick-inflate function is active. Always ready to go, never in the way, the Hobie Inflatable PFD is a life saver!
    Hobie Part # S6779RG Red
    Hobie Part # S6779TG Tan

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  • Hobie now offers a safe way to bring your favorite companion with you on all your trips, the Hobie Pet PFD!  This tri segmented soft foam adjustable PFD has grab handles, a leash attachment, side pockets, and a soft foam undercarriage for support.


    • XS – 12lb, 8″-12″ collar, 13″-17″ body girth
    • S- 12lb-24lb, 10″-14″ collar, 15″-21″ body girth
    • M – 24lb-60lb, 13″-19″ collar, 18″-30″ body girth
    • L – 60lb-90lb, 18″-26″ collar, 24″-36″ body girth
    • XL – 90lb-120lb, 22″-30″ collar, 30″-42″ body girth
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  • HobiesPFD was specifically designed for a comfortable fit while using high back seats likein Hobie Kayaks high back seats.

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  • Designed for a comfortable fit with Hobie Vantage Seats, the Hobie Thin-Back PFD (by Stohlquist) has a thin foam back panel so it doesn’t interfere with high seat backs.  It is designed with open sides, mesh shoulders and internal panels for maximum ventilation, keeping you cool on those hot days.  A cross chest cinch harness ensures this PFD will not ride up, keeping you comfortable and agile.  Multiple pockets provide space for all your goodies.  Comes in red and mango.

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  • The Hobie Thin-Back PFD (by Stohlquist) provides a comfortable and practical fit for use with the Hobie Vantage Seat.  Designed specifically for women with a thin foam back panel to decrease interference with taller back seats, this PFD also has mesh shoulders and interior panels for maximum ventilation and a cross-chest cinch harness so it won’t ride up. If you are looking for a comfortable PFD with a great fit and ample pocket space, this is the one for you!  Comes in Blue and Mango.

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