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Hobie Kayak Gear. You bought your kayak now its time to get it set up exactly how you want it with the right gear! We have the largest inventory of Hobie Kayak Parts and Accessories on the West Coast. We have what you need for everything from a fun day in the sun with your family to a rough winter fishing trip in the Pacific. Some unique things you might take a peak at are Hobie Sail Kit, Hobie outrigger AMA Kit, KC Kayak Welder, and of course drain plugs. You always loose those darn things. Hobie takes pride in engineering the best products to keep you on the water having fun. We pride our selves in making sure you are stoked what what ever you bought from us. Bam, match made in heaven. We have several guys and gals here that kayak every day. If they are not kayaking they want to so please give us a call and ask what ever question about Hobie Kayaks or Kayaking you might have. We are here to out fit you to have fun on the water! Oh right we have the largest selection of parts and accessores on the west coast. You can  search our site by part number. Cant find the part or piece you are looking for? Special orders welcome! 1-877-725-2925

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