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This one is for the kids only.

Get your kids paddling at the same age they learn to swim, which is the earliest you should start your kids paddling. Jackson Kayak launched the company with this model. Bringing high performance, fun to paddle, lightweight, comfortable boats to kids. While the Fun 1 is for kids, it is truly designed to get the parents back on the water. Get your kid a Fun 1 or Fun 1.5 and then you’ll have to go paddling with them! Yippie!  Finally, you can paddle side by side with your kids in the same design, and live by the motto: “All for Fun, and Fun for all!”

Now the Classic Fun Series is available in high-performance Superlinear plastic and outfitting to paddle. They come outfitted with Boat Armor outfitting including a solid U-channels and center walls, thermo-formed plastic seat, a customizable mini-cell bulkhead, over-sized thigh pads, and the latest Jackson Kayak backband. The Classic Funs come in 4 sizes (plus 2 kid’s sizes), so you can get the perfect fit. Like all Jackson Kayaks, they are light, comfortable, durable and dry.

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Weight: 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
Length: 5’3″ (161 cm)
Width: 20.0 inches (51 cm)
Height: 10.5 inches (27 cm)
Volume: 26.0 gallons (99 L)
Cockpit Dimensions in inches: 15 1/2 x 28


Suggested Weight Capacities:

Little kids are super stable and can learn to paddle around in it. (30-50 pounds)

Medium kids can learn to roll, paddle, and after they get some skills can learn to river run and surf in it. (40-60 pounds)

Larger kids can playboat the Fun 1 really well in flatwater, or whitewater (60-80 pounds)


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Weight317 oz

80 lbs


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5.25 ft




20 in


20 lbs

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Kayaking, River Trips

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