Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5 Pedal Drive SUP

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Save $500 off the regular price of $2499 until October 15, 2017! Hobie has changed the rules again with their new Mirage Eclipse pedal drive Stand Up Pedal Board! The Mirage Eclipse 10.5 Pedal Drive is another exciting new innovation from Hobie. Save $500 until October!

Product Description

Hobie Mirage Stand Up Eclipse Pedal Boards features two board sizes a 10.5 foot and also a 12 foot. Stand Up Eclipse Pedal Boards are built with super strong ACX Advanced Composite Epoxy providing weight, durable composite construction, and great performance. Eclipse Pedal boards are built wider than most SUPs to providing great stability while still delivering awesome performance. Eclipse Pedal Boards are designed, with friendliness and stability in mind, for use easily on your local lake, pond, or marina.

Hobie Mirage Stand Up Eclipse 10.5 is rated for peddlers up to 225 pounds (the larger Eclipse 12 is good up to 275 pounds). Eclipse SUP Boards come in two color combinations: Lunar Blue, with Solar Yellow Graphics, and Solar Yellow with Lunar Blue Graphics. Both look great.

Hobie Mirage Stand Up Eclipse SUP Boards are a great way to get exercise that’s low impact and FUN! Handlebars give another point of stability and offer a super easy way to steer. Levers on the removable handlebars give you a comfy, relaxed way to steer your board. Grab the right lever and the board turns right. Grab the left and the board turns left. Simple! Handlebars are easily adjustable and fit a wide size range of peddler. Super easy to install and remove, the Eclipse sets up in a snap!

Hobie Mirage Drive was redesigned to fit on the Stand Up Eclipse Pedal Series. It has two large, flat pedals that move the fins just by stepping on them. Mirage Drive clicks in via simple click-n-go connection. This lets the fins to fold flat against the board for shallow water access. Mirage Drive has been modified with a new Flow Fin 90s allowing more power from the stepping action to go to the finns. Eclipse boards have a super simple rudder is designed to kick-up when hitting something shallow. It also doubles as a tracking skeg if you just want to paddle. Each Eclipse Paddle board comes with a plug for the Mirage drive well in case you want to go out paddling. Lock your rudder in place, drop in your plug, remove the handlebars and go paddle. Sorry paddles not included.

Eclipse Boards all acomidate a plug in cart to help you easily move the board from your car to the water.

In a nutshell. Hobie Eclipse SUPs are a fun and easy way to have fun on the water!

Full length Video:

Care and feeding of your Eclipse Board

How to Take Care of Your Hobie Mirage Eclipse Board:

Every Hobie Eclipse board is hand crafted by master craftsmen. ACX composit construction – Advanced Composite Epoxy – shines with a beautiful glossy finish and graphics. Similar to other hand built products, each Eclipse SUP board is uniquely individual. Each Eclipse board is different from one board to the next. Sure the differences are small but in hand built products this is waht makes them truly unique and beautiful. To keep your Eclipse board looking amazing here are some suggestions as to how to take care of it properly.


    • Avoid bumping into rocks, gravel, docks or other objects. This will help preserve the high-gloss finish.
    • Launch your Hobie Eclipse in water that reaches up to your knees. Ideally this is about sixteen inches deep. Sixteen inches should be pleanty deep to let the drive work fully as well as keep your board away from rocks.
    • Dont run your Hobie SUP Eclipse board into the beach while in use. Again this will help keep your finish coat looking great.

Hobie Eclipse SUP Boards boards are built strong composite construction. Paint chips and scratches are superficial normal wear.
Still try to avoid doing this. Chips and scratches won’t impact your boards performance. However to keep your board in the best condition Watch the quick start guide video below.

Here are a couple tips on what to do to take care of your board:


      • Rinse your board with fresh water after each use.
      • Keep your Hobie Eclipse board clean and dry during extended storage. Ideally store it in a a Hobie Eclipse protective board bag that is made to hold not only your board but also all of your boards components securely.
      • Store your board out of direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold.
      • Transport carefully. We offer a beach cart that plugs into your board for an easy alternative way to move your board from your car to the water.
      • Its a good idea to use rail, nose and tail protection tape to protect even more from scratches.
      • Store or rack your Eclipse SUP board pad-down (upside down).

Heres the Quick Start Video by Hobie on how to take care of your Eclipse SUP:

Take care of your board and it will continue to look amazing for years to come. Composite is strong but open to dings scratches and cracking if mis used. So please take care of your board so you will enjoy it for a long time to come! Have any questions? Give us a call and we will be happy to answer anything you might need help with 1-877-725-2925

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Additional information

Weight12 oz

Lunar Blue, Solar Yellow

Best Use

Paddling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Watersports


225 lbs


Stand Up Paddleboarding


Mirage Pedal Drive


10.5 ft


ACX – Advanced Composite Epoxy


54 Lbs


33.5 in

2 reviews

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Looks fascinating…..the video is wonderful but where are the Life Jackets??? Is it not wise to be wearing one when out so far in deeper water?????

    • Reed

      Good point Dina. We love safety too. In this video the hip packs they are wearing are their PFD’s. Check out the Hobie Inflatable Belt Pack PFD. Low bulk and great safety. Great addition to any Stand Up Paddler’s gear stash.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patti S

    Just tried the Hobie Mirage Eclipse today and woah!! It’s super stable, and an amazing workout! Ordered ours as soon as I returned to the dock. I have three different SUP’s and as I cruise through the harbor on any of them I’ve never been 100% confident of my own stability especially when a wake is created by large boats. I purposely rode through a large wake while trying out the Hobie and Ta-da, super stable!! FYI I’m a female over 60.

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