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Introducing the new Hobie Compass  Mirage pedal drive kayak! You have been asking for a more affordable versatile pedal driven kayak from Hobie and bam they have delivered. Launching Fall 2017 this all rounder is drawing from many of the classic Hobie Outback as well as Pro Angler kayaks and merging them into one complete swiss army knife of kayaks. Yep. You want one pedal driven kayak that can do it all. Look no further than the Hobie Compass Kayak.

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Hobie Compass Kayak is what we have been waiting years for. Hobie has listened to you and delivered a versitile and affordable kayak that really delivers on performance. Here is there video Hobie just released:

Lots of things we noticed right away. First the pedal drive is not the 180 pedal drive system but rather the GT pedal drive. This means no reverse (unless you pop the drive out and spin it around). The thing we love about the GT drive is the fins are at an angle and drop weeds better than the 1809 drives do. I am sure thie GT drives are helping Hobie hit this lower price point.

Second thing you’ll notice is the Seat. The seat is similar the the Vantage seat on other Hobies like the outback. However it is a simplified version. Obviously cutting down some cost as well. To us the seat looks great. Plus Hobie as a long history of thoroughly engineering a product before launch. So you would feel good about purchasing the first version of this seat.

Third thing is the deck has a gear track created out of a very durable marine grade plastic. AWESOME! About time. Gear tracks are such a great way to add accessories to your boat. Having one come on your kayak is such a great addition. Saves time and money. Also saves you the hassle of drilling and mounting one on.

Fourth Is the bow storage mesh. Instead of a hatch that is awkward to access when you are in the boat. Hobie added a mesh cover on top of a cut out area. Sure this will mean what ever you put up there could get wet however it allows you options to what you want to put there as well as how. Meaning you can put a dry bag full of gear up front if you need to keep it dry or simply stuff items in the front if it doesn’t matter f its wet or dry.

Fifth is the hull and rudder. The hull is a mix between an outback and a Pro angler. The hull is very stable and has a rudder recessed and flips up when is hit by a rock or root. It still is lawrance ready and made for a friendly ride.

We like the new color addition of Slate and  Lime. Cool way to spice up the color offerings. Thing is the Compass is only offered in these 2 options so if you are a big camo, yellow, dune, or red fan you are out of luck.

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