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The Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit allows you to be in full control of your anchored kayak! Easily adjust the direction your kayak by sliding the attachment point of your anchor, drift chute or stake-out pole from the forward to the aft.

Product Description

Easily deploy your anchor, drift chute or stake out pole over the side of the cockpit area, then move the attachment position forward or aft to hold your boat in the position desired. Easily sit facing down stream / wind at anchor. Simple pulley system and cleat allows adjustment all along one side of your boat anywhere from bow to stern. Finally be in the position you want with this trolley system.
Installs easily to the side of your kayak with included stainless steel and injection molded nylon clips and pulleys. Control at the palm of your hand.This kit is made to fit on any kayak. some specific parts for some Hobie modles. However it’ll work on pretty much any kayak.

Hobie Part #72020008 Replaces Hobie Part# 72020064, 72020008, 72020061.

Comes with hardware.

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Fishing, Fly Fishing, Kayaking

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