Costa Del Mar

Coasta Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar wants to look back on a life well-lived, a life like a pair of broken-in hiking boots crusty with equal parts jungle mud and black sand. Adventure doesn’t make house calls. She demands you step outside of your climate-controlled comfort zone. In return she takes you to the edge of a volcano and shares experiences beyond imagination. Stake your claim to an interesting life, then make yourself at home and live it with Costa Del Mar.

Proud of being born on the water, Costa Del Mar is still inspired by it, wants to be on it, wants to protect it, and wants to inspire others to do the same. Be inspired.

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  • Put these glasses on your face and that’s where they stay, period. Give credit to the co-injected Hydrolite that line the glasses from temple to temple, the flexible hinges making them fit, and side vents that keep the lenses clear.

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