Cascade Kayak Helmets

Cascade has been making high quality injection molded helmets since 1986 and continues to lead the field. Cascade helmets provide full coverage protection for the ambitious water sport enthusiast. Using technology developed for impact protection Cascade has adapted it to best meet the needs of swift water rafters and kayakers. The U.S. Coast Guard uses Cascade helmets for the majority of their water rescue, a true testament to the quality of Cascade’s products.

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  • Cascade provides full coverage around the ear. They have a back band that helps to keep the helmet in place and provides better fit.  With 13 air vents these helmets are light and cool. Cascade uses a patented multi-impact liner made of expanded polypropylene. The closed cell foam liner doesn’t absorb water or odors. The shell is made of high density polyethylene and provides substantial impact absorption.   A nylon-coated wire face guard provides added comfort and protection, while maintaining a great field of vision. The four-point adjustment system with its unique occipital grab allows you to find the perfect fit and prevents the helmet from rolling over the face or exposing the forehead. Stainless steel hardware eliminates rust, and adds durability. You can count on this helmet to protect your head, or to get you chicks!

    Sizes: XSmall 20.75″ – 21.25″, Small 21.50″ – 22.25″, Medium 22.50″ – 23.00″, Large 23.25″ – 23.75″  XLarge 24″ and up.

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