Outdoor Retailer : Day 2 : Confluence

We’re fortunate to have one of Confluence’s folks in our neck of the woods, so we’ll be taking our meeting with them on our home turf at our new demo center in a few days (being able to paddle it around definitely beats just seeing the boat).

In the meantime, we took a trip around the booth just to see what’s new. The Axis is the Dagger replacement for the long lived Blackwater. Where the Approach is Confluence’s whitewater boat that can do flat water, the Axis is their flat water boat that can do whitewater.

The Tribe is a great looking sit-on-top that has the added storage benefit of being stackable. Looking for a cruiser boat for each member of family but don’t know how to fit that into your two car garage? This might be the answer!

The Commander is Wilderness System’s new fishing boat. One of the fun features here is that the mesh seat folds into the back of the cockpit giving you room to sit and coast from the moulded “captains chair”.

The whitewater line up stays the same but gets some great new colors. I don’t know what to call these new colors for Dagger – the rep said “funky”, I guess I can get behind that. In addition to the limited edition graphics for Wavesport (I believe it’s going to be 20 boats for each winning graphic..?), WS also gets the firecracker/red-white-blue treatment. Anyone having flashbacks on that color way?

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