Outdoor Retailer : Day 1 : Pyranha

Meeting with Jim from Pyranha was a great way to open our show this year – they always bring a great line up of whitewater boats ideal for Pacific Northwest rivers.

New for ’09 – some great new colors in the Karnali. We didn’t bring a lot of these in this year, so if you’re not familiar with the boat, it’s like a Burn with softer edges. An all around great looking river runner, we’re excited to bring more of these in this coming year.

See that boat at the end of the line? The orange one? That’s the Zone & Pyranha is proud to announce that they’ll be doing a new kids boat, the Rebel, based on the Zone platform. It’ll retails for $799, so kids – start saving those pennies!

We’re also excited about the Fusion, Pyranha’s new hybrid boat. Unlike a lot of the hybrids out there, the Fusion is built from whitewater to touring vs. touring to whitewater. This should make performance in whitewater situations a lot better. If you’re looking for a great all around boat that you can take camping at the lake or the river, this could be the one for you!

Good news for you Burn fans – there’s a redesign on the horizon! Starting in Sept and phasing through Dec, all sizes of the Burn will receive an upgrade with learnings coming from the Karnali, Burn & Everest boats. We’re excited to see the final version of this!

Sit-on-tops and fishing were the new buzz at OR ’08 and the buzz has just continued to grow. Pyranha’s offering in this category is the Moken. I’ll sound like a car ad here, but it’s $899 well outfitted (rubber hatches, 4 pole holders, etc) and $749 without the fishing accessories. This boat has some really nice features in it’s category, like molded handles and a very convenient built-in wheel that kicks out so you can roll this not-so-light boat around. Jim tells us they have yet to hear of the wheel breaking, but if it did, it would be a 5 minute fix. That’s the kind of maintenance (or lack thereof) we like to hear about!

That’s Pyranha for ’09 for you! We’ll part with a glamor shot of P&H’s beautiful sea kayak line up.

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