Outdoor Retailer 2014 : Day 3 : Exploration Day

The first couple days of Outdoor Retailer, we get to meet with all of the great vendors we partner with throughout the year to talk about what they’re working on for the following year. Our final day, we set out to scout the rest of the show for other companies that might have just the thing you’re looking for… and sometimes just to see what crazy thing people have come up with in this!

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Our demo center sits on a lovely little basin and we’ve seen SUP explode over the last few years. But really – sleep SUPing? Is this maybe taking it a step too far? Seriously though, we think the idea of using your inflatable SUP board as a sleeping pad is pretty creative.It saves from having to pack your sleeping pad, right?

These ice packs and compression wraps from Shock Doctor are pretty cool. They have joint specific wraps (shoulder, knee, etc) as well as more general shapes and they come self contained in packs that are easy to throw in the freezer so they’re ready to go anytime you aren’t!


This? Well… we just couldn’t resist. Funny sweatshirt for a summer trade show where the average temperature outside feels like it rivals the Sahara.
Selk bags just look fun. The new super hero versions are the perfect Christmas present for your favorite nephew (or uncle?). They come in adult and child sizes and are a  lightweight sleeping bag alternative (though we’re thinking “campfire attire” might be a little more realistic). Need to use the outhouse (or nearest tree) in the middle of the night? No awkward sleeping bag wiggle, just get up and go!


We’ve seen them made out of duct tape, but this is the first time we’ve seen wallets made out of recycled sail fabric! Check out Flowfold’s site to see the options.


Every year there are a host of solar cookers. Most involve large reflective dishes – this one is different. A black glass tube, enclosed by a non-heat conductive exterior, gets extremely hot, cooking whatever is placed inside in short order. Gosun was funded with Kickstarter – they have a great video that shows you just how this small little stove cooks.

We love these inflatable lanterns from MPOWERD! They fold flat to about the size of a DVD when not in use – when you need a little light, just blow them up and turn them on. The reflective material opposite the light fills up the lantern with a surprisingly bright light. Oh – and did we mention this is all solar powered? Think river trips, swimming pools, camp tables – these little guys will be able to pack anywhere and light anywhere (that there’s sun to recharge, of course).



We had the pleasure of meeting TurboPup‘s founder, Kristina, when she came through Hood River a few weeks ago. She had a couple of her athletes (of the canine variety) that were here as part of a local expedition and we were happy to run into her again at the show. Kristina and her team have worked hard to create the ultimate meal replacement bar for your 4 legged adventure partner, saving space and weight in your (and their) packs.
Need a lightweight trailer that is the mobile Swiss Army knife for carrying gear? This might be it! No one was at the SylvanSport Go Easy booth, so we didn’t get a chance to chat with them about their latest offering, but a quick glance was enough to impress us!


Coming later this week: OneWheel! We think OneWheel, another Kickstarter funded company, is best in show for new products at this year’s Outdoor Retailer! We got to ride this amazing new toy/transporter/skateboard/whatever and it’s amazing! To add to our excitement, the good folks of OneWheel are headed our direction this week and we’re looking at getting an even closer and more detailed look at the next big thing. Stay tuned for more photos, video & info!

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