Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 2 : Wavesport, Dagger, Pyranha & Misc.

Hold onto your laptops, folks! We saw a lot today and we’re flexing our fingers to lay it all out for ya’! Here we go with Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 2!

Starting off with new boats comin’ at you, we visited the Watermark booth and got a closer look at Dagger’s new playboat, the Jitsu, and Wavesport’s new creeker, the Recon. Both boats (along with current boats in the line up) are receiving the new Watermark outfitting. A ]plastic plate on the creek boats will stiffen the soft plastic of both Dagger’s and Wavesport’s creek boats. We like the new strap system designed to keep your throw bag handy and at the ready as well as the new ratchet strap between the legs that lifts your seat. Oh – and don’t forget the cool topo of the Green on the Dagger outfiiting. Get ’em, boys!



The Recon is Wavesport’s new creeker. Our gut says we might want to give ‘er a try on pushy water, but for the low volume, steep creek, it looks great!  WS will be rolling out 3 sizes, providing a good fit for everyone. The largest size is truly big and, we expect, will not only be good for you bigger fellas but will be a good multi-day vessel too. Check out that sweet bow loop too – nice and durable, we dig this upgrade.

On to the Jitsu. We had all kinds of things to say about this, but we decided to let the boat (and Rush) speak for it.

Our stop at Pryanha provided a view of a boat worth more than most of our rides at home. Presenting the carbon fiber Jed! The (non-carbon fiber) Jed came out a little earlier this year, so what do you do to top that? Make a $2000 version of  it, natch. We likely won’t get our hands on one of these, but we can drool, right?



A little more realistic for us is Pyranha’s new creeker, the Nano. This will be taking the place of the discontinued Ammo, turning the volume up on it by giving it a little more “creekiness”, making it the “I can only take one boat?!?!” boat. Also new, the seat adjustment – flip your hip pad aside and adjust away. Really clean and simple – exactly how we like it.





Walking around the show, you always find some great things you never would have expected. Some of them make your light ding – “HEY! BRILLIANT!” Others give a “Hmm… I can see about .00001% of the population that is going to be STOKED on this.” And others… well, others just leave us a little confused. Here’s a few notable items we ran across in the watersports category today.


Introducing the RoboCup! It’s a dual cup holder that clamps onto something vertical (for example, your Hobie H Bar), which is cool in itself. But there’s more! The bottom of the cup holders unscrew to reveal a rod holder. Magic!



Here’s something that a certain person will not believe they were ever able to live without: the Fly Hiker. A carbon fiber rod blank, made by G. Loomis (legit!), is ensconced in a walking stick. Your choice of fly or spinning rod options, hike into the lake and get your fish on!


We are proud to say that Windpaddle is a hometown hero, located just a short walk away from us in Hood River, Or. These people know wind. And kayaks. And in this case, sun. We are digging the sunshade they’ve perfected and think they’ll save many a kayak fisherperson from some ugly neck burn.


What are these, you say? Chuck Taylor knock offs? NO! These are our current fav for Best of Show! Super cool looking, these are (no kidding) neoprene booties! Boaters, sailors and SUPers, get ready for your on-water steeze to explode. We’re cartin’ a pair of these back in our luggage and can’t wait to give them a try and look all stylie doin’ it.


And finally, a few cool things we’ll throw in the general “outdoor” category that we ran across and liked. Fun, techy stuff from Eton; a light/USB/handwarmer from FireCel; very cool, waterproof, solar (and expensive) messenger bags from Italian company, O-range; and a really sweet waterproof housing for your iPhone from Mophie (we’ve seen a LOT here and this is the best so far).








We have no clue what’s up with the raccoon but think it’s funny & thought we’d leave you on that note.


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