Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 1 On-Water Demo

The 2012 Summer Outdoor Retailer show officially opened today with the on-water demo and we, along with a few of our friends, were there to see the latest and greatest in the water sports category.

The SUP for you and your nearest and dearest. We decided that if this ever makes it to market, it’ll be a huge hit with the fraternity set. Or maybe those corporate team building activities? Family reunions?

Only Ashville, NC could be responsible for something that looks this zany (and fun). Bellyak lets you enjoy your whitewater up close and personal while keeping all of those soft spots protected. Check out their demo vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXDpqLMJhJo.


Wavesport’s new creeker, the Recon, looks like a steep creek specialist – short & high! Looking forward to putting it through its paces out on some of our local water. We might pick a color that looks a little less like a rock though. Remember kids, visibility is good.


Has that playboat started feeling a little too large? The new Dagger Jitsu might just be the answer to that. This boat is tiny and should be as easy to throw in your stylie Mini Cooper as in a hole. Another one we’re looking forward to testing on something with a little current.

What’s more fun than SUPin’ and fishin’? Doing it at the same time! Grab your cooler, rods, SUP paddle and maybe the kitchen sink – the new Jackson “Super Fish Al” is ready to roll. Or float.

And finally, raise your hand if you’re that guy who just can’t put your iWhatever down (guilty!!). They have a case for that.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun and toys from the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Show in good ol’ SLC!

Kayak Shed . http://www.kayakshed.com/blog/ . http://www.kayakshed.com


Kayak Shed . http://www.kayakshed.com/blog/ . http://www.kayakshed.com

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