Jackson Kayaks are a seriously well oiled kayak designing, building and manufacturing machine. Many of the top kayaks today and for over the last decade are from Jackson Kayak. Jackson Kayak has set the bar in paddle powered kayak fishing designs. Jackson Kayak fishing line up has focused on functional high end performance kayaks that include all the bells and whistles a kayak fisherman would want. Their kayaks are truly amazing designs that have re-set the bar for Kayak Fishing for performance, user friendliness, and usability. Our favorite two single fishing kayaks are the Big Rig And Coosa HD. Best tandem fishing kayak has to be the Big Tuna.  Jackson Kayaks for white water designs are also ground breaking, focused on precise handling and control.  Jackson Kayaks offer boats in a huge range of sizes to make sure everyone in the family has a boat that fits them perfectly. What else would you expect from an entire family of top-notch kayakers? We also have some Jackson Kayaks for sale in our used kayak section as well as some seasonal sales we have from time to time. Interested? Give us a call 1-877-725-2925.

You want one boat that does everything?  This is it!  The Coosa HD or “Heavy Duty” version puts more stability and more functionality into the already awesome, Coosa platform. The Coosa HD is the perfect boat for river and lake fishing with its strength on rivers.  Its something you can take and do a multi-day fishing trip, or go out and hit the lake for trout.  You could even take it down some coastal rivers for Steelhead.

jackson kayak coosa hd bluefin

When you are looking for stability and standing capabilities, Jackson Kayak Big Rig is the boat to check out.  This boat does almost everything.  For running non technical rivers, this wide bodied kayak has two innovative outer keels, making it able to maintain speed and track great. When you want to stand and cast, have no worries – the lean assist bar gives you added stability. Big Rig’s long list of features are plentiful.  It’s a big boy but you’ll have a hard time fitting all the features of this boat on anything smaller. We LOVE THE BIG RIG!

Jackson Kayak’s Big Tuna has redefined the category of tandem kayak fishing. This boat is best in class stability and speed. The Big Tuna has many different seating positions, allowing for traditional tandem kayaking and a good variety of solo positions making it a great platform for fishing of all kinds.  This boat comes well equipped with all of the bells and whistles you expect from a Jackson Fishing Kayak: molded in rod holders, adjustable foot braces, paddle holders, easily accessible rod storage, easy access hatches fore and aft, and of course Jackson’s legendary adjustable height seat, making this a great day for one or two people out on the water.

jackson kayaks big tuna dorado

The Cuda 12 is the smaller, more maneuverable, easier loading sister to the Cuda 14. The shorter, mid-size length allows for plenty of speed, but gives anglers the maneuverability to tackle narrower areas and smaller bodies of water so you can get to your hidden “honey hole”.  But don’t let the shorter length worry you – this kayak still comes loaded with all the trademark Jackson fishing kayak features. The Cuda 12 has the perfect combination of cutting edge engineering and intuitive design. Simply put, this is one of the most angler-friendly kayaks on the market.

Just like the feared sea monster this boat gets it’s namesake from, the Jackson Kraken is meant for big, open water and challenging paddling environments. Whether you are punching surf, handling rough off shore currents, swells, or beach landings, the Kraken is built to perform. Not only does it paddle well, it’s built for comfort,  and is also able to handle the all of your fishing gear and customization needs with a large weight capacity and the ability to position equipment how you want it.

Jackson Kayaks has always been at the top of the game when it comes to building great whitewater boats. What do you expect from a family of world-class kayakers? From play-boating to running steep creeks, Jackson has a kayak to fit your style, and your size, with the super versatile Fun Series.

jackson kayak zen aztec side

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