Hobie Kayaks believes that “fun is what it is all about”. Hobie products are built with that philosophy in mind, they have revolutionized kayaking with their Hobie Mirage Drive System. Hobie Kayaks are the kayaks with pedals! The Mirage Drive allows you to kayak hands-free, leaving you ready to handle what ever the day of kayaking throws at you. Hobie Mirage Kayaks are innovative designed watersport products, versatile, easy to use, and fun to paddle for people of all ages and skill levels. With a large variety of parts and accessoriesHobie Kayaks provide the platform for you to create your perfect watercraft. From time to time we have Hobie Kayaks for sale in our used kayaks section. If you dont see any there, feel free to call us and see if we have any ones used that have not been added yet 1-877-725-2925.

The Outback has been called the SUV of kayaks. Don’t mistake this for a work boat though—it’s just way too much fun. Whether you’re fishing, hunting, shooting photos or simply on a lunch break, the Outback’s stable, virtually hands-free configuration definitely gets the job done. If you are not sure which Hobie Kayak is right for you then go with the Outback. It covers the widest range of use of all Hobie Kayaks. Hobie Outback comes with four molded-in fishing rod holders, storage hatches and a large on-deck cargo area.

Hobie Pro Angler 12 kayak is a true fishing machine. Its hard to call it a kayak and easier to just call it a fish magnet. Designed by anglers for anglers. Its got everything you could want natively designed into an amazing package. Sure you’ll wanna add some things like fish finders or anchor trolleys it simply comes as the perfect platform to customize for your kayak fishing addiction.

Bring a partner or a friend and experience the power of Two in this tandem kayak! With both patented Mirage Drive pedal systems engaged, the Hobie Mirage Oasis is the fastest kayak in the fleet. Stable but sleek with plenty of room for gear, the Oasis is the perfect craft for sharing your next excursion. You want a tandem kayak and not sure what Hobie to go with then the Oasis is the call to make. It covers the widest range for the price. It’s loads of fun either pedaling, paddling, or sailing. You can also enjoy it solo.

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 kayak is the perfect boat for those looking for a smaller, sleeker pedal-driven Hobie. It’s lighter and easier to load and unload on top of your car or in back of your truck. Want a smaller Hobie and still want to go faster than the Hobie Sport? This is the Kayak for you. It’s a great fit for fishermen and recreational users alike. Even though the Revolution 11 is a smaller kayak, it scrimp on all of the features anglers need with the comfort recreational kayakers enjoy.

The Revolution 13’s sleek and slender design allows it to glide through the water with ease. When you are working against a current or need to cover distance to your favorite fishing spot, this is the boat to choose. The Revolution 13 is a favorite choice among fishermen who use trolling as a primary fishing method. Hobie Revolution 13 is a great choice for a fast boat that is still fairly easy to move around off the water. Sure the Revolution 16 is faster but it is a lot more length off the water.

Want a boat to do it all and have a whole lot of fun? Hobie Tandem Island is by far our store choice for a fun day on the water. You can do almost anything with this and bring the whole crew while you are at it. We regularly take it our with 2 adults 2 dogs and 2 kids. Yep the whole crew. With the Hobie Tandem Island, your adventure potential is practically boundless. Look on youtube and you will find people sailing it for months on end in the South Pacific or weekend touring the San Juan Islands. This boat is the perfect adventure center to take you sailing on the seas or to use as a floating family fun base.

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