Hobie Mirage 360 Drive Updates

If you have purchased a new 2017 Hobie Kayak from us or anyone else you will want to read this. This addresses any kayaks shipped to dealers before November 1 2016. So even if you end up buying a Hobie Kayak in July, this could impact your kayak. In a nutshell, if your drive is feeling slugish or is just not working as well as expected this applies to you. Please read:

Hobie Cat Dealer Bulletin
Proper Fin Adjustment For Hobie® MirageDrive® 180
We have discovered that our factory has over-tightened the fin adjuster knobs on MirageDrive 180s delivered in the past few weeks.

In this condition the fins are not able to properly “travel” from side to side. The performance and feel of the drives will be sluggish as well. While we try to allow users to fine tune the drives as a feature… over tensioning the fins is problematic. This can also lead to damage of the traveler slot in the “boom” fitting.

We will be building drives in the loosest setting from now forward. We request that dealers and users do the same adjustments by following the instructions on page 12, item 2 of the manual to “loosen” the fins as highlighted below. The fins must be able to travel easily from side to side.

To properly adjust the MD180 fin tension, turn the adjuster knob until the stainless lock nut nearly touches the embedded brass nut. That would be the loosest fin setting.

Mirage Kayak Manual – MD-180

MirageDrive Mast Bend / Proper Straightening
When a MirageDrive mast contacts the bottom or other obstruction it is possible to bend the mast. Proper technique for straightening the mast will avoid further damage to the drive.

Once a mast is bent, you can straighten it again, in most cases. To straighten a mast, first remove the fin. This is a MUST, due to possible damage to the fin and/or outhaul block fittings. If you over-bend the mast forward, you can place significant load on the aft attachment point of the fin and damage can be caused.

To remove a MD180 fin, use a pair of pliers to hold the stainless nut located at the bottom end of the adjuster screw. Turn the adjuster knob as shown in the diagram below. Once the nut is removed you can continue to turn the knob until the entire screw is released from the fin.

For older version MirageDrive fins, remove the clevis pin and ring.

Once the fin is removed, one option is to bend it forward while the drive is installed in the MirageDrive well. Position the hull on its side or upside-down. This will hold the drive securely while you leverage the mast back into proper position.

Another option and easier… if you have a vise… is to clamp the bent mast into the vise and by pulling on the drive for leverage, bend it back into position.

Re-install the fin.

MirageDrive 180 Parts Guide


Click here to download a  Large size diagram of Hobie Mirage 360 Drive and parts_guide

These parts will be available for repair of damaged drives, but we still will not be selling complete drives until next spring or summer.

Turbo fin upgrade kits also continue to be on hold until drive production is fully up-to-speed.


Kayak Shed Fishing Team Report : Fishing for Sturgeon

When you have one last opportunity to get some sturgeon meat for your freezer, you rally early. My intention was to be at the ramp by 6:30 in the morning and on the water by 7:00, giving me a good 6 to 7 hours to catch my keeper. Well I over slept my alarm, rushed to get my stuff together, and headed into Portland. I finally hit George Rodgers Park in Lake Oswego at about 8:00 and after taking my sweet time getting ready I launched at about 9. In the process of getting ready, I realized that I had an anchor set-up but only enough line for about 20-25 feet of water. Well that doesn’t work too well in 75-80 feet of water. Thankfully the kayak fishing community is a great bunch of folks and I knew that one of them would let me tie up with them, tournament or not.
I started heading up to one of my favorite spots. I passed by one of my fishing buddies and swung over to chat. I came to find out he was in that spot because he had lost his anchor earlier that morning. The current was nearly non-existent where he was fishing and I decided that it wouldn’t be a bad spot to drop a line for a bit. I baited my line with a bit of squid and sent it down. It wasn’t down more than a minute be fore I was getting my first tap tap tap. It’d been a while since I have been sturgeon fishing… I missed the bite. This happened a couple more times. Tap tap tap… I miss the bite. Tap tap tap… I miss the bite. Finally I was thinking that I had forgotten how to catch a fish. Then it happened… tap tap-SET THE HOOK- I wasn’t waiting for the perfect bite anymore. Fish on and the fight began.
Since I wasn’t on anchor I was getting towed around a bit. No crazy up or down river runs but it was moving me around the hole pretty well. The fight lasted probably a good 10 minutes, with a couple good runs stripping line off the reel. Finally got the bugger to the side of my Outback and heaved him onboard. With a bit of help measuring, I realized I had landed a keeper and was done for the day. I had only been on the water for about an hour and a half.


I hadn’t gotten the chance go see all my fishing buddies out on the water so I put my fish on ice, and my buddy Nate in the back of the Outback and headed back out on the water.
And that’s what happens when you limit out early.

* note: this post was “misplaced” and took place last year when it was legal to bring home sturgeon. at the present time, it is illegal to keep sturgeon.

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Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013 : Day 3

We know we’re a little late getting this out, but after a packed final day of the show, we’re home, we’ve caught up on our sleep and we’re ready to share the goods from our last day at Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013!


The Hobie Kayak Quest has been redone for 2014 to match the well loved Revolution 13 in looks and deck functionality. For those not looking for the pedal drive of the Revolution, the Quest offers a great paddling boat with all of the features of the Rev.

The Hobie Sport is totally redone for this year! We think it should actually be called the Outback 10 for it’s feature set. The deck and bow have both been changed to be more like the Outback  and the bow storage has greatly improved. Along with the Outback, Revolution 13 and Quest 13, the Sport is now Lowrance ready! It has plumbing ports to run wiring for fish finder installation along with a transducer port molded in the hull, similar to the Pro Angler series. Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

More detailed shots of the Lowrance ready ports available on the Outback, Revolution 13, Quest 13 and the Sport:





Two great new rack systems for the boaters from Yakima at this year’s show!

The Jaylow stacker can be vertical or a few degrees past, making it work as either a cradle or a stacker. We love the new system that makes installation painless whether you have round, square or factory bars. Oh yeah, and when you’re rolling without your boat, just flip the vertical bar down and voila! Aerodynamic and low profile!

The Sweetroll is going to be our (and yours) new favorite saddle/roller system. With the same no-fuss, no-muss connection system as the Jaylow, installation will be a snap. The two front saddles and two back saddles have integrated rollers, making loading your boat as easy as it’s gonna get!

P.s. How do they come up with all of these cool names? Genius!


We love visiting the boys of Astral because they are always coming out with ridiculously cool, well  thought out gear. Take the new Ronny Fisher: based on the popular Ronny platform, the Fisher adds fishing pockets designed to fit Plano boxes, the velcro flap on the left holds your forceps or other fishing tools, the zipper on the right opens the “dehydrator pocket” (a beverage holder) and, a feature we think is really great, a high visibility hood (for unplanned rain or evening boat traffic) is stashed in the back until it’s needed.



The Linda receives a cool new color this year, for the ladies not interested in the “pink it and shrink it” look. Pockets “billow” and expand for all that stuff you need to keep close at hand.


If the Pyranha Burn 1 and the Burn 2 had a baby, it would be the Burn 3 (1 + 2 = 3?). The all new Burn takes the best of both previous versions and meets in the middle. While the original Burn was all about edge control with its low edges and (relatively) low bow volume, the second version moved those edges up with a fade and increased the bow volume, making for a more forgiving hull but sacrificing some of the precision of the original. The 3 takes the best of these, with volume somewhere in the middle and bringing those edges down while retaining the fade. The Burn has been a favorite on our local rivers since it’s introduction, and with this latest version, we don’t see that changing anytime soon!




P.s. Check out the sick graphic that’ll be available on the “limited edition” colors!
Looking for more pictures and details on the Burn? Pyranha wrote a post-OR post with all the info straight from the source!
And for an even more first hand look, Rapid Magazine did a great video review from OR 2013 of the Burn. Check it out! 


Jackson Kayaks

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the sit-on-top fishing market without blowing your last paycheck or two, the Cruise 10 might be what you’re looking for! While it doesn’t come with any fancy attachments or bells and whistles, it’s friendly and easy to maneuver with attachment holes molded in, allowing you to gussy it up as you go.


The Big Rig is Jackson’s new entry into the big boy market. Complete with molded fishing rod holder and inflatable lumber support, optional attachments will allow you to make this the fishing kayak of your dreams. From ICAST’s 2013 Best in Show, the JL Marine Systems’ Power-Pole Micro Anchor, to Jackson’s own cooler that comes with mounts for additional attachment points, there is a seemingly endless number of ways to upgrade this already loaded boat.


Miscellaneous cool stuff…

Not yet in production, check out this interesting SUP sail. For those days when your arms have given out and you need a little help from your frenemy, the wind, just pull your sail out, set your paddle up and you’re sailing home!


While we hope this trend catches on in all urban cities (and beyond!), we think this is an exceptionally great idea in SLC, where the blocks were built long enough for a team of 16 oxen (or something like that) – suffice to say flip flops aren’t great for “it’s just a couple of blocks that-a-way” here. Rent-a-bike!

We like a good fishing mount as much as the next guy, but if we see this guy on the water, we’re going to make fun of him. Just kidding (not really). Mount ideas for pretty much any kind of fishing wizmo or gizmo you could think to bring courtesy of Ram Mounts!


And don’t miss…

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013 : Day 1
Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013 : Day 2

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Fishing Modifications to a Hobie Revolution 11 : Part 1

Recently we were given the very exciting opportunity to do a custom modification for a customer on a Hobie Kayaks Revolution 11, transforming it into one of the meanest fishing kayaks out there! The Revolution 11, the little brother of the always popular Revolution 13, is a new addition this year to Hobie’s line up. Though it’s smaller size allows this boat to be more nimble and easier to transport than the Revolution 13, it hasn’t taken away from it’s stability and has only slightly reduced it’s on-water speed. With fishing accessories already built into it’s DNA, such as two molded-in rod holders and a location for Hobie’s Livewell system, it was the perfect boat to use as our customization platform! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking you along with us as we install the following (and more!):
* Lowrance Structure scan
* Lowrance HDS Fish Finder
* Lowrance Sirius Satellite
* Lowrance Sonic Hub
* Ram Fly Rod Mount
* Hobie Anchor Trolley
* Hobie eVolve Motor

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A Non-Fisherman Reports on Fishing in the Hobie Oasis

One of my goals this year was to catch something and then eat it. Rabbits are too fast, so I had to resort to fishing. My dad, an avid fisherman, has tried to take me fishing on multiple occasions, but I have gone fishing more than I have caught fish (though my Dad called them bait).

Yesterday, a friend and I took out the Hobie Oasis and a couple of borrowed poles. We were fishing for dinner, so given my past experience, I suspected that it would take all day for me to catch anything at all.

After 2 hours, we had caught 9 Rainbow Trout, 5 of which I caught! This is a fish story, but those numbers are no exaggeration. I finally understand why people like fishing: it’s fun when you actually catch fish.

As a whitewater kayaker, I have always thought of a tandem kayak as more of a novelty, not something that you would ever buy. However, fishing in the Hobie Oasis was really enjoyable for several reasons. I get bored easily, so it was nice to have someone right next to you to talk to without worrying about “scaring the fish.” When either of us caught a fish, dealing with getting it off the hook was a breeze, since one person could hold the pole while the other freed the fish. Having the tandem also made it easy and maintainable to get up to “trolling speed.”

The Hobie Oasis was great, but there were a few things that I wish were different. There is some Hobie gear that I would want added, for example Rod Holders. I was scared to put 100% into casting in the Oasis. I cannot say that I have good technique or precision aim, and I like the person that I was kayaking with, so I was scared that I might hook him. This is when the Hobie Pro Angler would be awesome! The Pro Angler allows you to get into the sweet spots, but still stand up to cast.

In summary, I had a great time fishing in the Hobie. So much so that I plan on going again. And who wouldn’t when you are catching fish roughly every 13 minutes?

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