Heather Herbeck Falls For A Villain!

We asked Heather Herbeck, local pro Jackson Kayak paddler, to give us her thoughts after her first paddle (or two) in the Villain, Jackson’s new creekboat, and here’s what she had to say!

The new Jackson Creek boat, the Villain, is sure to get your ‘stamp of approval’, all you gotta do is take it on the water.

For the last year, there has been ‘buzz’ about a new Jackson Creek boat. Word has it, that it’s a cross between the Hero and the Rocker. However, I think they put a little bit more thought into this series then just mating the two boats.

I’ve been looking forward to paddling the Villain since I had the opportunity to sit in one at Canoecopia in Madison, WI. The first thing you notice about the boat is the volume in the knee area. With the new creekboat, you have lower volume in the knees. Your knees are set in a more ‘user-friendly’ position, allowing more manueverability with your knees and an easier time rolling with your knees in this position.
Within the first 5 minutes on the water in the Villain, I was in love. The first boof I pulled, launched me soaring into the air. I felt like I was flying. The second thing I noticed right away was the speed of the boat. After each boof, the boat kept it’s speed in the direction I wanted it to go.

One of the best qualities of this boat is the edges and the way it tracks on the water. I have found myself in the past exhausted after paddling, from using tons and tons of correctional strokes and wasted energy. With the speed and tracking of the Villain, I only needed a few strokes to accelerate me in the direction I wanted to go and it kept on track . . . crashing waves, boily current, holes . . . nothing stopped this boat or turned it off course. As funny as it sounds, I felt like a stronger, more efficient paddler in the Villain . . . and, that’s a ‘thumbs up’ confidence boost right there.

The next day, a friend (who doesn’t paddle Jackson) tried the boat out. And, both him and I agree that the Jackson Villain is in the top 5 boats on the market right now.
You better go get yourself one! I’m excited for a whole new level of paddling and confidence in the Jackson Villain 🙂

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