Dear friends,

Our business experienced a devastating fire last fall resulting in the complete loss of our inventory and all physical infrastructure. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but it was a sad loss to us and the community we served for over 16 years.

However, today we rise from the ashes!

It is with great excitement I announce that we have been acquired by our close friend and neighbor, Outdoorplay! I am very excited to be working with them to reopen our store in Hood River under the Outdoorplay name, and to immediately offer our customers access to all of their great brands via our online business,

I invite you to continue the journey with us. Shop all your kayak gear at Outdoorplay!

Our appreciation for your business over the last 16+ years, your continued support and love,

John & Jenn Hart and the whole Kayak Shed Team

(ph) 800.994.4327


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