End of the Summer Boat Sale!

Get your calendars out and save October 17, 2009 as a day you’re going to want to be in the parking lot of the Kayak Shed! Why, you ask? We’re going to be blowing out our 2009 rental and demo fleet and you’re not going to want to miss it. Have you been waiting for a great deal on a Hobie or Jackson Kayak? Here’s your chance, starting at 9am and going until 4pm.

We’ll also be busting out the grill and beverage cooler for those of you that come out at lunch… but don’t get there too late! Most blow-out deals are going to be one of a kind!

Here’s a list of some of the boats we’ll have available (more may be added!):

Hobie Kayaks: Revolution, Outback, Adventure Island
Jackson Kayak: Hero, Super Hero, Side Kick, Mega Rocker, Rocker, Punk Rocker, Dynamic Duo
Pyranha: Burn S, Burn M, Burn L, Karnali
Wilderness Systems: Tusanami 125, Tarpon 120, Tandem Rec Boat
Dagger: Zydeco
Native Watercraft: Ultimate 14.5 solo
Perception: Torrent, Tandem Sit On Top

Questions? Give us a call!

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