Outdoor Retailer 2014 : Day 2 : Dagger, Wilderness Systems, NRS, Jackson Kayak, Pyranha

Starting Day 2 off with the good folks at Confluence! Have any questions about what you see here? Contact us anytime!


What happens when you take years of performance driven R&D and put it into a sit-on-top? Check out the Roam (Rivers Ocean And Mountains – get it?)! The backbag comes off and the thigh straps attach to form a backpack for off-water adventure, the hull design is high performance and has edges that make this a great paddling sit-on-top. If you had any experience with the Torrent, think of the Roam as a high performance Torrent! With two sizes and sit-on-top flexibility, there will be a Roam to fit almost every body.

Here are some close ups but Dagger also put together a nice little “in action” video you can see below:

Wilderness Systems

The new Wildy fishing kayak, the Thresher, looks like a great boat, but is sold as a very base model. Want all of the bells and whistles that come standard on a lot of the other new boats? They’re there, but you’re going to have to pay for them. See the base model in the first couple of pictures and the “pimp my ride” version in the bottom couple.


We are digging the Velocity Shoe! Super rugged and ready for scrambling and tough portages, sticky rubber outsole for a sure grip. And check out this sweet NRS packaging!



Jackson Kayak

The Coosa HD
Need a more stability out of your Coosa? Jackson answered the call! Introducing the Coosa HD, the longer, more stable version of the ever popular Coosa. With an open footwell for ease of movement, a padded floor, stand up paddle holder and other great details, the Coosa HD is definitely going to be worth a look!

The Cuda LT
With the same deck features as the Cuda 12, the Cuda LT adds YakAttack tracks fore & aft of the seat. The LT is also lighter, more stable & is higher performance than the Cuda 12… not to mention, does a boat get much prettier?

The Kilroy
Duck hunters rejoice! All the function of the Kilroy with all the stealth of camo. They’ll never see or hear ya’ coming.

The Kraken
Want it all and want it now? The Kraken might be your boat! All of the goodies you see below? It comes with those stock! Designed by Jim Sammonds with top notch detail and quality (ex: all accessories are attached so a roll won’t leave you floundering, reaching for all your gear), if off shore fishing is your thing, you’re going to have a hard time topping the Kraken as the best boat for the job.

Designer and angler Jim Sammonds 
shows off his latest creation.


The new 9R is Pyranha’s entry into the sub-9 ft race category. Built with some very aggressive features designed specifically for racing, this boat won’t be for everyone… but if bombing down the river at top speeds is your goal, the 9R will be a top contender.

And others…

Because who doesn’t want a water bottle that looks like a mini-growler…? The Little Buddy!

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Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013 : Day 2

Hold on tight, people! It’s been a busy morning at OR and we’re about to unleash it on ya’!

Wilderness Systems

Here’s Wildy’s new, pimped out entry into the fishing kayak market! Shown with a lot of bells and whistles that aren’t included, you can make this boat exactly what you want it to be. We’re digging the removable fish finder console.



Wavesport is bringing us a fresh new playboat design with the Mobius. Less stern rocker makes for a faster hull than the Project series, and a shorter boat with more volume will help you pump up those loops. Comes in three sizes to fit all paddlers comfortably (well, as comfortably as any short boat is gonna be!).



Here’s a little promo video from Wavesport showing the Mobius gettin’ it done on water!
The Recon has been a HUGE hit in our neck of the woods. Local paddlers can’t get enough of it. What would make it better for 2014…? Maybe some stylie new colors?



Multi-day whitewater paddlers rejoice! Your days of compromise are over! Built especially for you by our friends at Dagger is the all new Katana. Two sizes, a hatch, all the leg room you could ever need – what more do you want? Tell your boss you need the week off and pack those MRIs (yummm) – time to go paddlin’.




Here’s Dagger’s promo video of the Katana to give you an idea of what it looks like in action:

And let’s not forget the carbon layup of the Jitsu that we got to preview in-store a few weeks ago when Dagger athlete, Rush Sturges, had a special delivery shipped to us. For more photos, check out our FB page:


Old Town Kayaks

Check out the new entry into the fishing kayak market from Old Town kayaks! This boat is almost as pretty as the fish you’ll be stringing using it! The Predator comes in two sizes (13 and MX) and is one of the best thought out offerings we’ve seen so far. All of this innovation doesn’t come cheap ($1400), but this is definitely a “you get what you pay for” situation! We can’t wait to see the Predator out on the water!











If you need to take your iDevice with you on the water, you are going to be hard pressed to find a better product than Snowlizards latest offerings for the iPhone/Pod and iPad. Waterproof and bomber with a solar panel to trickle charge your device or the back up battery, this will be a great addition to the paddling kits of those not getting out on the water to get away from it all.








Cudas Footwear

Started by two brothers in the SE, we love the water shoes coming out of this company. The water shoes are reasonably priced at $50-$65 and the flips are a great value at $30. Check them out and let us know what you think!







Check out this cool landing net from YakAttack! It breaks down and fits into a milk crate (we all have those on hand, right?), has a great handle for control and it’s easy to use with one hand while landing that fish with your other!



You know you’ve always wanted a battery powered surf board (or SUP)! Who hasn’t when they’re headed “back to the barn” after a long paddle?? WaveJet is here to fulfill all our battery powered water toy fantasies with a board add on that is wrist controlled. For a cool $4000, that is (dreams don’t always come cheap!) – includes recharging station.



Miscellaneous cool stuff…

Goal Zero has provided probably 50 charging stations around Salt Palace. Thanks for keeping all of us outdoor folks connected, Goal Zero!


If you have a little person that’s wanting to hit the trails with Mom and Dad, this bike by Joovy looks like a pretty stylin’ way to start a mountain biking career!

Check out this great casting pool set up outside of Salt Palace for everyone trying out the fly fishing set ups.

For those that needed a little stretch before hitting the tradeshow floor, a little SUP yoga!

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Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 2 : Wavesport, Dagger, Pyranha & Misc.

Hold onto your laptops, folks! We saw a lot today and we’re flexing our fingers to lay it all out for ya’! Here we go with Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 2!

Starting off with new boats comin’ at you, we visited the Watermark booth and got a closer look at Dagger’s new playboat, the Jitsu, and Wavesport’s new creeker, the Recon. Both boats (along with current boats in the line up) are receiving the new Watermark outfitting. A ]plastic plate on the creek boats will stiffen the soft plastic of both Dagger’s and Wavesport’s creek boats. We like the new strap system designed to keep your throw bag handy and at the ready as well as the new ratchet strap between the legs that lifts your seat. Oh – and don’t forget the cool topo of the Green on the Dagger outfiiting. Get ’em, boys!



The Recon is Wavesport’s new creeker. Our gut says we might want to give ‘er a try on pushy water, but for the low volume, steep creek, it looks great!  WS will be rolling out 3 sizes, providing a good fit for everyone. The largest size is truly big and, we expect, will not only be good for you bigger fellas but will be a good multi-day vessel too. Check out that sweet bow loop too – nice and durable, we dig this upgrade.

On to the Jitsu. We had all kinds of things to say about this, but we decided to let the boat (and Rush) speak for it.

Our stop at Pryanha provided a view of a boat worth more than most of our rides at home. Presenting the carbon fiber Jed! The (non-carbon fiber) Jed came out a little earlier this year, so what do you do to top that? Make a $2000 version of  it, natch. We likely won’t get our hands on one of these, but we can drool, right?



A little more realistic for us is Pyranha’s new creeker, the Nano. This will be taking the place of the discontinued Ammo, turning the volume up on it by giving it a little more “creekiness”, making it the “I can only take one boat?!?!” boat. Also new, the seat adjustment – flip your hip pad aside and adjust away. Really clean and simple – exactly how we like it.





Walking around the show, you always find some great things you never would have expected. Some of them make your light ding – “HEY! BRILLIANT!” Others give a “Hmm… I can see about .00001% of the population that is going to be STOKED on this.” And others… well, others just leave us a little confused. Here’s a few notable items we ran across in the watersports category today.


Introducing the RoboCup! It’s a dual cup holder that clamps onto something vertical (for example, your Hobie H Bar), which is cool in itself. But there’s more! The bottom of the cup holders unscrew to reveal a rod holder. Magic!



Here’s something that a certain person will not believe they were ever able to live without: the Fly Hiker. A carbon fiber rod blank, made by G. Loomis (legit!), is ensconced in a walking stick. Your choice of fly or spinning rod options, hike into the lake and get your fish on!


We are proud to say that Windpaddle is a hometown hero, located just a short walk away from us in Hood River, Or. These people know wind. And kayaks. And in this case, sun. We are digging the sunshade they’ve perfected and think they’ll save many a kayak fisherperson from some ugly neck burn.


What are these, you say? Chuck Taylor knock offs? NO! These are our current fav for Best of Show! Super cool looking, these are (no kidding) neoprene booties! Boaters, sailors and SUPers, get ready for your on-water steeze to explode. We’re cartin’ a pair of these back in our luggage and can’t wait to give them a try and look all stylie doin’ it.


And finally, a few cool things we’ll throw in the general “outdoor” category that we ran across and liked. Fun, techy stuff from Eton; a light/USB/handwarmer from FireCel; very cool, waterproof, solar (and expensive) messenger bags from Italian company, O-range; and a really sweet waterproof housing for your iPhone from Mophie (we’ve seen a LOT here and this is the best so far).








We have no clue what’s up with the raccoon but think it’s funny & thought we’d leave you on that note.


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Outdoor Retailer 2012 Day 1 On-Water Demo

The 2012 Summer Outdoor Retailer show officially opened today with the on-water demo and we, along with a few of our friends, were there to see the latest and greatest in the water sports category.

The SUP for you and your nearest and dearest. We decided that if this ever makes it to market, it’ll be a huge hit with the fraternity set. Or maybe those corporate team building activities? Family reunions?

Only Ashville, NC could be responsible for something that looks this zany (and fun). Bellyak lets you enjoy your whitewater up close and personal while keeping all of those soft spots protected. Check out their demo vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXDpqLMJhJo.


Wavesport’s new creeker, the Recon, looks like a steep creek specialist – short & high! Looking forward to putting it through its paces out on some of our local water. We might pick a color that looks a little less like a rock though. Remember kids, visibility is good.


Has that playboat started feeling a little too large? The new Dagger Jitsu might just be the answer to that. This boat is tiny and should be as easy to throw in your stylie Mini Cooper as in a hole. Another one we’re looking forward to testing on something with a little current.

What’s more fun than SUPin’ and fishin’? Doing it at the same time! Grab your cooler, rods, SUP paddle and maybe the kitchen sink – the new Jackson “Super Fish Al” is ready to roll. Or float.

And finally, raise your hand if you’re that guy who just can’t put your iWhatever down (guilty!!). They have a case for that.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun and toys from the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Show in good ol’ SLC!

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Halo Effect – Coming Soon!

Steve Fisher has just release the trailer for his newest film, Halo Effect, and it’s looks like it’s going to be great! Don’t know who Steve Fisher is? Check out his site for a glimpse of who this South African with a penchant for big water is – and what he’s done, for that matter!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting the local premier of Halo Effect this spring, so stay tuned for details! Without further ado, the trailer for Halo Effect.

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Go, go, Mighty Girl!

Watching someone nail their roll for the first time is always exciting – pool roll, combat roll – it’s all great. Knowing that someone put learning to roll on their “bucket list” (“Might Life List” in this case) and seeing them nail it? Extra exciting. Introducing Mighty Girl – a blogger with a mission (a lot of them, actually) – and her new found roll. Congratulations, Mighty Girl and here’s to your future kayak camping adventure.

The Story:

The Movie:

p.s. Totally diggin’ the multi-hued Dagger RPM. Nice!

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End of the Summer Boat Sale!

Get your calendars out and save October 17, 2009 as a day you’re going to want to be in the parking lot of the Kayak Shed! Why, you ask? We’re going to be blowing out our 2009 rental and demo fleet and you’re not going to want to miss it. Have you been waiting for a great deal on a Hobie or Jackson Kayak? Here’s your chance, starting at 9am and going until 4pm.

We’ll also be busting out the grill and beverage cooler for those of you that come out at lunch… but don’t get there too late! Most blow-out deals are going to be one of a kind!

Here’s a list of some of the boats we’ll have available (more may be added!):

Hobie Kayaks: Revolution, Outback, Adventure Island
Jackson Kayak: Hero, Super Hero, Side Kick, Mega Rocker, Rocker, Punk Rocker, Dynamic Duo
Pyranha: Burn S, Burn M, Burn L, Karnali
Wilderness Systems: Tusanami 125, Tarpon 120, Tandem Rec Boat
Dagger: Zydeco
Native Watercraft: Ultimate 14.5 solo
Perception: Torrent, Tandem Sit On Top

Questions? Give us a call!

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Outdoor Retailer : Day 2 : Confluence

We’re fortunate to have one of Confluence’s folks in our neck of the woods, so we’ll be taking our meeting with them on our home turf at our new demo center in a few days (being able to paddle it around definitely beats just seeing the boat).

In the meantime, we took a trip around the booth just to see what’s new. The Axis is the Dagger replacement for the long lived Blackwater. Where the Approach is Confluence’s whitewater boat that can do flat water, the Axis is their flat water boat that can do whitewater.

The Tribe is a great looking sit-on-top that has the added storage benefit of being stackable. Looking for a cruiser boat for each member of family but don’t know how to fit that into your two car garage? This might be the answer!

The Commander is Wilderness System’s new fishing boat. One of the fun features here is that the mesh seat folds into the back of the cockpit giving you room to sit and coast from the moulded “captains chair”.

The whitewater line up stays the same but gets some great new colors. I don’t know what to call these new colors for Dagger – the rep said “funky”, I guess I can get behind that. In addition to the limited edition graphics for Wavesport (I believe it’s going to be 20 boats for each winning graphic..?), WS also gets the firecracker/red-white-blue treatment. Anyone having flashbacks on that color way?

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