Outdoor Retailer 2015 : Day 2 : Field Candy, Sweet Protection & Astral

Day 2 at the show and we’ve got some great stuff for you! Grab your beverage – here we go!
Field Candy 
All of Field Candy’s products are all made in England, so it’s not the cheapest stuff we saw at the show but it is definitely some of the most fun!
The Hang About
Even the name sounds British! These awesome hanging chairs for the kids have an inflatable floor so they retain their shape when sat in. Made of a very high quality waterproof nylon, you could hang this outside all summer and bring it into the kid’s room for winter. Priced in the mid $100s, we think Santa will be delivering a lot of these this Christmas!


While we don’t see them replacing your 4 season expedition tent anytime soon, Field Candy’s tents are legit and more than just a pop-up play thing for your kids. With a fun twist on graphics, some even customizable!, we can’t wait to see these crop up during summer camping season.
Now for our favorite item at the Field Candy booth: The Snoos Pillos! These pillows are a home run with super fun graphics that have British flair, are relevant and fun! A perfect stocking stuffer for the kids and the young at heart this Christmas!
Sweet Protection 
Sweet always brings something fresh and new to OR and this year is no different! All new merino wool tops and bottoms will be available in men’s and women’s, fit under your paddling gear perfectly and sport some mad steeze with the Sweet logo. At $99 for the top and $89 for the bottom, they aren’t cheap but this is the kind of investment that will not only be around forever but will make you much more popular with your paddling homies than if you were rocking a set of stinky polys. To top it all off, they come in cool black and white Star Wars like packing. Those Sweet designers – they think of everything!




In addition to the underwear, the Generator jacket will be available in a heavier weight wool. Be on the look out for these – the pics don’t do the colors justice!

We had to throw in this cool ENO blanket with flashing led lights on the edge. We’re not sure what this is for but it seems cool. Maybe for those occasions when you need a night time UFO landing pad?

If the new Astral Layla reminds you of the Lotus Lola from years past, there is good reason! With a new spin on an old frame, this is going to make a lot of ladies that have been waiting for the Lola’s return very happy (and comfy)! $139 in the 2 colors (purple and red) shown!




If you’re looking to get a solid vest at a great price, the YTV is definitely one to check out! Great colors, lots of features and a mere $119!


You know it, you love it! The ever popular, expedition worthy Greenjacket has been freshly updated and comes in black, Cherry Creek Red and Deep Water Blue.



If you’re thinking of buying water shoes from any company other then Astral, stop. Go find you some Astrals and try them on. There isn’t a shoe on this wall that we don’t think is great. It took a couple years of tweaking to get it perfect, but Astral shoes have arrived and we think you’re gonna love them!

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2015 Gorge Paddling Film Festival : Astral Prize Package

Many, many thanks to the good folks at Astral for joining us in supporting First Descents! We are proud to announce a ridiculously cool prize package for one lucky winner of the 2015 Gorge Paddling Film Fest of an Astral Greenjacket and Astral Rasslers! We know safety is your first concern (it’s ours too, of course) – enter the Gorge Paddling Film Festival to have a chance to get yourself right with a safety vest and kicks from Astral!

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Outdoor Retailer 2014 : Day 1 : Hobie Kayaks, Torch Paddles, Astral & Immersion Research

Hobie Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks has updated just about every boat they’re putting out for 2015. We’ll be doing a bigger download just on Hobie once we get home and can detail all of the changes for you, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights!

Hobie Kayaks Outback

Hobie Kayaks Outfitter

Hobie Kayaks Oasis

Hobie Kayaks Seat

The Venturi drain is a new addition – when you’re cruising along, pull the cord to open the drain and the  boats movement creates a vacuum to suck the water out of your boat.

And last, but certainly not least, the new Mirage drive! 

Torch Paddles

The folks at Torch are coming out with some really inventive and high quality paddles. If you’re an after (or before?) work SUPer or paddlers, you’re going to love these light up paddles! SUP and kayak paddles coming out next year for roughly $250.

Astral Designs

The fine folks at Astral put out some great shoes with the Brewer, Rassler and Porter, so they have expanded their shoe line to include everything from pure water shoes to shoes that threaten to be considered downright fashionable.
To highlight a couple of our favorites, the Aquanaut will be a rugged shoe with extra stability, maximum ventilation and high friction rubber meant for both dirt and water. If your adventures will take you to the trail and the river next spring or summer, this may be the shoe for you! MSRP $125
If you’re looking for a shoe that’s built to last but will fit in your playboat, the Loyak is the shoe for you to watch for next spring! With recessed stitching that binds the bomber Cordura upper to the razor-sipped sole this low profile, moccasin-like shoe will be with you for a long time.

Immersion Research

What’s new, amazing and a great price at under $1000 (ok, we understand that “under $1k” and “great price” don’t always go hand-in-hand, but it does here!)? The new 7Figure dry suit from IR! This thing looks good, feels good and we are laying odds that we’ll be able to add “performs great” to that list. The seams are solid, the zipper is great and the fabric has outperformed and outlasted Gore-Tex in testing. Boom!
Don’t need a full dry suit? IR has that covered too (of course!). Introducing the IR 7Figure drytop! Same great quality as the drysuit, a screamin’ deal at $389.


Have questions regarding any particular product or vendor? Hit us up in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!Now on to Day 2 of the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Show!

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Outdoor Retailer : Day 2 : Astral

We ended our three-days-packed-into-two-days tour at the show this year with Astral – and it was a great way to wrap things up. Last year, Astral brought out the V-Eight and it quickly became one of their best selling vests. Made with a high back that suits a number of boats, Astral’s Air Escape technology to keep the paddler as cool as possible and keeping environmental impact to a minimum, it’s easy to see why.

This year Astral adds the Camino to the Air Escape family. Made with the same eggcrate foam and high venting as the V-Eight, the Camino is a full back PFD meant for every water sport from sailing to SUP to canoeing.

Another new addition is the Nova, made for the paddler that has a high backed seat and needs a PFD that is comfortable with their boat. The Nova has low foam in the back as well as good mesh breathability, chimney venting (Coast Guard approved to wear unzipped, with just the buckles) and nice big pockets.

Both the Wonderjacket and the Tempo 200 received color updates this year. Yellow and Cranberry for the WJ and Charcoal and Orange for the Tempo. The Norge added Olive to it’s color line up.

The Abba also received a face lift, courtesy of Astral friend and paddler, Robin Betz. Coming in Black and Cranberry with embroidery detailing for 2010, there’s a little pink in the new Abba, but with Robin’s background in paddling and engineering, we can guarantee there is nothing girly about the performance of this PFD.

Last year Astral introduced a dog bed made of recycled PFDs. As much of a success as those were, it became a conversation starter for a dog PFD. The Astral team answered the call and there is now a canine PFD for 2010 – with 5 sizes, there’s one for every pup.

We had a great show this year and hope you enjoyed following us around the convention floor. If you have any questions on availability dates or product, let us know and we’ll see what we can find out!

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New Astral Life Jackets

New Astral Life Jackets! Check them out!

For all of you who have not tried the new Astral PFD’s yet, you should definitely jump on that!

The new men’s Astral Willis and the women’s Astral Bella are low-profile and fit great! This jacket feature lots of room for good range of movement, a side entry that also provides good padding and protection for your ribcage, and buckles instead of zippers. Don’t be fooled by its low-maintenance look – there are 3 pockets under the chest flotation – a small zippered pocket, a throw bag packet, and a mesh pocket for throwing things like a knife or granola bar in there. There is a nice lumbar support in the back. And the shoulders/torso length is my favorite feature – it is adjusted by the buckles down in the front of the jacket – no bunching under the shoulders like you get with shoulder strap adjustments. Both these jackets are made with PVC free GAIA. These look and fit great!

A lot of you have heard a lot of hype about the new Astral Green Jacket . And yes, we are still waiting for those to become available. Without having seen them in person, they look pretty impressive. It looks like the fit will be similar to the Willis, with a lot of other cool fit and safety features. Coming soon…stay tuned for more information…

Other new Astral PFD’s – The Astral Grunion, which is built for fishing with all it’s accessory pockets, and the kids PFD, the Astral Otter. Continued on another season because they are such great jackets are the Astral Norge, the Astral Abba, the Astral Tempo 200, and the Astral Wonder Jacket.

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