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Flatwater Paddles

Paddles for recreational, flatwater, and touring kayaking

Whitewater Paddles

White water kayak paddles for all experience levels

Recreational Paddles

Ponds, lakes, small water features. Great entry level kayak paddle, inexpensive and easy.

An inexpensive kayak paddle under $100 might seem like an attractive way to go, but when looking for a paddle think about how much you are going to use it. Maybe you paddle once or twice a year, or regularly from spring to fall? Quality, lightweight paddles make your kayaking experience all the more enjoyable. The paddle is one of the most important pieces of a kayaker's equipment. Multiply the extra weight of a heavy paddle times the number of strokes on any given day and see how wasted energy and fatigue adds up. A heavy paddle can take the joy away from nice day on the water. A lightweight carbon or fiberglass paddle will disappear in your hands and you’ll forget it’s even there. Bent Shaft kayak paddles are also an option to consider. They help improve paddle stroke technique by putting your wrists in a more comfortable position. This reduces stress on the wrist joints and has become a favorite with adult paddlers. Regardless of budget, we have the right paddle to serve your needs. Have kayak paddle questions? Talk to an expert at 877-725-2925 (9-5 Pacific Time).


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