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Creeking Kayaks

Heart pounding excitement beyond every horizon line. Creekboating takes us through some amazing canyons and off exhilarating drops. Kayak technology continues to develop and athletes are pushing the limits of what is possible. Tyler Bradts 189 ft world record waterfall decent in his Dagger Nomad Creekboat really raised the bar. Gerd Serasolles dominating whitewater extreme racing in the Pyranha 9R has been exciting to see. Choice your favorite kayak and get out their and enjoy some amazing whitewater!


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  • Jackson has found the formula with their latest do it all creek boat. They’ve ramped up speed and stability from their last generation of creek boats making the Karma one of the most forgiving and predictable boats on the market. The Karma’s rocker profile provides great maneuverability without sacrificing any speed, an aspect that has secured podium finishes at many of the top extreme races. A well balanced bow and stern make sure resurfacing after bigger drops is controlled and predictable as well as keeping you on top of things when you’re in the thick of it. Carving into and out of must make eddies has never been easier thanks to the Karma’s well designed edge profile. Massive sidewalls create unmatched secondary stability in this confidence inspiring creek boat.

    Karma S :
    Weight: 40 lbs
    Length: 8′
    Width: 25″
    Height: 13.5″
    Volume: 72 gal
    Ideal Weight Range: 80-155 lbs
    Cockpit Dimensions: 32.5″ x 19″

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