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Kayaking provides a wide range of experiences from pure relaxation to extreme adventure. Here are a few tips to help you start making your kayak choice. Longer narrower kayaks are best for longer distance paddling trips and are capable of storing the necessary gear for camping or picnics. Shorter boats are more maneuverable and easy to load for transportation. Sit inside kayaks are the smoothest paddling and most efficient designs out there. Plastic kayaks are very durable and composite materials are super lightweight. Give us a call and we can help you get the perfect kayak for the type of experience you are looking for.

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  • *Image is of Nomad 8.6

    The Dagger Nomad has proven itself for many years and although it is hard to believe, it just got better!  The new and improved Dagger Nomad 8.2 has more volume, more rocker, and a new deck shape to make you a lean mean boofing machine!

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  • Dagger Kayaks has done the impossible, made the trusty Nomad even better! Introducing the Dagger Nomad 8.6 with increased volume, increased rocker, and re-shaped deck to make you go faster, resurface quicker, and stay on top of even the biggest water.

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  • Take the great features off the rest of the Jackson Kayak fishing line and put them on a large, open cockpit sit inside kayak… and you have the Kilroy. Like all of Jacksons you have the ability to stand and cast from the Kilroy. Rigged out with YakAttack Spectra gear tracks and rod holders from the factory, all you need is a paddle and your fishing gear to have this boat ready to hit the water. Included with the kayak is a hard deck cockpit cover with molded in water bottle holder and tackle trays. The Elite seat makes for a comfortable day on the water and a great camping chair at the end of the day. Available soft cockpit coverings make for a great fly line rest.

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  • The most popular Pungo in the family strikes the perfect balance of size and manageability. Quick, stable, ample storage Bow and Stern, and not too big for one person to handle, portage and car-top.

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