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Fish On! We all know the feeling and how gratifying it is to land the big one. Want to have more fun? Fish from a kayak! Kayak fishing gives you a whole new vantage point and allows you to access water that larger boats can’t. Plus it is a heck of a lot of fun. Kayak fishing is truly the new fishing platform. It is simple, easy, and inexpensive compared to traditional boats, and no more waiting in line at the boat ramp. What’s holding you back? Outfit your fishing kayak with rod holders, fish finders, live wells, down riggers, and even motors. Hobie, Yakattack, Railblaza and partners have thought of every accessory a kayak fisherman would need with designs focused on style and functionality. Once you go kayak fishing you won’t want to go back!

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  • Everyone’s favorite and most reliable boat just got even better with the addition of the Nomad 9.0!  Everything you love about your current Nomad with more volume, speed, and rocker.

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  • Dagger Kayaks are really stepping up their game in sit on top kayaks. The Roam 11.5 is so versatile it can be used for a first time kayaker or an experienced kayaker on anything from flat water to a class a class III river.

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  • The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is a 16′ Trimaran “Sail/yak” that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water.

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  • The Hobie Oasis tandem kayak combines the power of two MirageDrive systems for an unparalleled kayaking experience. Whether you’re out on the water with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, kid or friend, four legged ones included, there will be nothing but smiles. The Hobie Oasis is designed for cruising, whether it’s on a lake, lazy river or even the ocean. Unlike most tandem kayaks, both the front and rear seats have rudder controls. That means that even if you don’t have somebody to go with, you can take it out by yourself. The Hobie MirageDrive makes this large boat an easy one to move through the water. You’ll also find that the drive is extremely smooth because of the new Glide Technology. Bearings were added in key friction points to make the drive even more efficient than it had already been. The new CT Vantage seat is incredibly comfortable and will be sure to provide you and your partner a comfortable seating position because of the multiple seat height options. There is also an adjustable lumbar support so you will be providing your back with the support it needs so you can stay on the water al day. And don’t worry about getting wet since the CT Vantage seat keep you out of any water that might make its way into the kayak.

    Hobie Mirage Drive in Action

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  • The Outback has been called the SUV of kayaks. Don’t mistake this for a work boat though—it’s just way too much fun. Whether you’re fishing, hunting, shooting photos or simply on a lunch break, the Outback’s stable, virtually hands-free configuration definitely gets the job done. The Outback comes with four molded-in fishing rod holders, storage hatches and a large on-deck cargo area.


    Length: 12' 1″/ 3.68m
    Width: 33″/ 0.84m
    Weight: 62 lbs./ 28.12 kg
    Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs. / 3 kg
    Capacity: 400 lbs./ 181 kg

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  • Smooth, stable and built for two, the Outfitter is designed around a philosophy of utility, performance and ease-of-use. The Hobie Outfitter is a great tandem fishing kayak.

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  • Supercharge your Hobie! The Mirage Performance package adds a Turbo fin as well as a larger rudder to let you get the most out of you Hobie! A must have for serious anglers and fun-hogs.

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  • The Pro Angler 12 boasts all the benefits of its big brother Pro Angler 14 in a more compact model. Designed to be carried in the back of the full-size pick up bed, you can now have a pro angler and not have to worry about towing a trailer. The pontoon style hull and flat deck area in front of the seat allow user to stand and sight cast or simply just stretch your legs while out on the water. Also a popular model with fly fisherman because of the standing capability, it will allow you the full action of your cast, not compromised by sitting. The newest models feature of drop skeg for improved tracking and steering. Installation of a fishfinder is simple and worry free with the Lowrance Ready System. With two molded and four horizontal rod holders, you’ll have an arsenal of rods at hand   No fish will be safe when you are on the water in your Pro Angler 12. The MirageDrive is an extremely efficient system that propels you through the water with minimal effort. The new GT drive is smoother and easier to use with less resistance than before.

    Mirage Drive in Action

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  • If you’ve sold your powerboat and are ready to start kayak fishing, or you’re looking for a large fishing platform, the Hobie Pro Angler 14 is a great choice for you. With incredible deck space, the ability to stand and all the benefits of the MirageDrive, the Pro Angler 14 will fit all of your needs. It’s like having the mini bass boat that you don’t have to pay gas for or worry about motor maintenance. Toting a 600 pound capacity you could even take home a small Bluefin Tuna in this boat. The Pro Angler’s vantage seat is the most comfortable seat available on the market with thigh, back, and lumbar adjustments. The seat offers two seating positions, high and low, for incredible comfort and a great “Vantage” point. You’ll be in the perfect position to fight any fish when you’re doing it from a Pro Angler. A drop skeg will assist you with improved tracking so that you don’t waste any time getting to your fishing hole. The Hobie MirageDrive has proven itself over the past 17 years to be the gold standard for hands free propulsion on the water. The newest model features a drive with roller bearings in key friction points to create a smoother system.  Extremely efficient and effective, you’ll be cruising the Pro Angler across the water with very little effort.


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    Hobie has packed a whole lot of boat into a small package with the Revolution 11. A compact version of its big brother, the Revolution 13; the 11 offers up the same sleek and slender design but lighter and easier to handle for smaller individuals. The hands-free MirageDrive system allows you the opportunity to fish with ease, eat lunch or take beautiful pictures while still cruising around the lake or down the river. Ample storage room behind the seat means that you'll have everything you need with you, whether that's a picnic basket or your fishing gear. Just like every other Hobie model ,the Revolution 11 has a mast holder so you can sail it as well.  Add the sail and the sidekick ama kits and you’ll be flying across the water in your mini-sailboat. The Hobie MirageDrive will move your kayak through the water with minimal effort. You'll find out why it is the most efficient pedal drive system available. The newest model features an incredibly comfortable seat and a drive system with less resistance than before. The roller bearings that were added to the drive system mean you can get an extra 10% efficiency from the drive system. The new CT Vantage seat provides a multitude of seating positions so that you will be at your most comfortable while on the water. The lumbar support is run on a BOA system so that it is adjustable to each individual. The CT Vantage seat provides a nice dry ride by keeping you just above any water that makes its way into the seat area.

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    The Revolution 13's sleek and slender design allows it to glide through the water with ease. When you are working against a current or need to cover distance to your favorite fishing spot, this is the boat to choose. The Revo 13 is a favorite choice amongst fishermen who use trolling as a primary fishing method.  Though it may have a slender design, the Revolution 13 boasts great stability and storage room. The area behind the seat is large enough to add a storage crate or your four legged friend. The Revolution 13 is capable of tackling any task you throw at it. When you're on the water in this kayak you are sure to be having a great time, whether it's fishing, exploring or just cruising around taking awesome pictures. The MirageDrive has been updated with Glide Technology which means that the drive is even more efficient than before. You will find that the added roller bearings have significantly dropped the effort you will need to exert. You will be comfortable all day long when sitting in the new CT Vantage seat. With over 10 combined seating height options you will be sure to find one that fits you just right. The lumbar support adjusts to your specific need to ensure that your back is properly supported throughout the day. The CT Vantage seat doubles as a camp chair when you’re back on shore, so you have one less thing to pack on your weekend fishing trip.

    – Mirage Drive
    – Twist & Stow rudder system
    – Two-piece paddle w/ on-hull storage
    – Two 8″ Twist & Seal hatches
    – Cargo area with bungee tie downs
    – Two molded-in rod holders
    – Hobie Gear Bucket
    – Water Bottle


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  • Revolution 16 is here at last! Its a 16′ rocket to get you out where you want to go fast! Popular with those going a long distance. Perfect choice for off shore anglers and the more adventure focused user.

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  • Hobie Tandem Island. Want a boat to do it all and have a whole lot of fun? The Hobie Tandem Island is the perfect boundless adventure center to take you sailing on the seas or to use as a floating family fun base.

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  • Jackson Kayak Big Rig is the boat to check out when you are looking for stability and standing capabilities. We think its the best paddle powered fishing kayak out there. It does almost everything. You can run non technical rivers. You can stand and fish from it. Cant get more versatile than that!

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  • Jackson Big Tuna Kayak has redefined the category of tandem kayak. Best in class stability and speed. Its a lot of fun and an amazing multi person fishing kayak. First tandem kayak that actually works for 2 people to fish from.

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  • Jackson Coosa is the ultimate fishing kayak! Whether you are bass fishing the flats or fly fishing class 2 Whitewater Rivers this boat will get you where you need to be in order to catch those hard to get to monster fish that haunt your dreams.

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  • The Coosa HD takes Jacksons tried and true Coosa and makes it even better.  The HD or “Heavy Duty” version puts more stability and more functionality into the Coosa platform.  It is half way between the Big Rig and the regular Coosa.  The Coosa HD is the perfect boat for river and lake fishing with its strength on rivers.  Its something you can take and do a multi-day fishing trip down the John Day River or go out and hit Lost Lake for trout.  You could even take it down some coastal rivers for Steelhead.  You want one boat that does everything?  This is it!

    Features of the Coosa HD:

    • Padded flooring for comfort and stealth
    • Yakattack gear track positions throughout deck
    • Multiple rod holding and staging positions for fly, spin, and baitcasting styles
    • Transducer savvy scupper
    • Drag chain chute
    • Rod stagers
    • Redesigned foot pegs
    • Lockable hatches
    • Paddle scoop/stager
    • Elite Seat 3.0
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  • Take the great features off the rest of the Jackson Kayak fishing line and put them on a large, open cockpit sit inside kayak… and you have the Kilroy. Like all of Jacksons you have the ability to stand and cast from the Kilroy. Rigged out with YakAttack Spectra gear tracks and rod holders from the factory, all you need is a paddle and your fishing gear to have this boat ready to hit the water. Included with the kayak is a hard deck cockpit cover with molded in water bottle holder and tackle trays. The Elite seat makes for a comfortable day on the water and a great camping chair at the end of the day. Available soft cockpit coverings make for a great fly line rest.

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  • New for 2015! When designing the Kraken, Jackson wanted to come up with a fishing kayak for the offshore and big lake kayak angler. What they came up with is a boat shaped and built to accommodate open water and long distance paddling in comfort.

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  • The most popular Pungo in the family strikes the perfect balance of size and manageability. Quick, stable, ample storage Bow and Stern, and not too big for one person to handle, portage and car-top.

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