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Kayaks are the best way to explore water on your own terms. From Touring Kayaks – kayaks for longer trips on larger bodies of water, to Recreational Kayaks – kayaks for shorter trips on smaller bodies of water, to White Water Kayaks – kayaks for navigating technical rivers and streams, they are all the best way to experience water in an intimate human powered way. Kayaks have progressed in design over the past thousand years let alone the last 5. Check out our offering of the best of all kayaks offered on the market today. We have sit inside kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks all the way to Hobie Mirage pedal drive kayaks, you can find what suits the needs of you and your family. Talk to a Kayak Shed expert at 877-725-2925 (9-5 Pacific Time) and we will help find the boat that is perfect for you!

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  • Kayaks 2 Fun$1,049.00

    Have you ever had 2 much Fun? Well now it’s easy with the 2010 2Fun! We now have the third generation of the Jackson Kayak Fun boats. If you were having Fun in the 2007 model, just think about how much more Fun you will be having with more foot room, a better knee position, and a lower cockpit around your hips and back for easier rolls. This is an awesome boat for learning with great river running and playboating qualities. The small size and light weight of the boat also makes it easy to carry and transport. So whether you are just looking for some Fun or ready to take it to the next level, 2Fun is calling your name!



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  • The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is a 16′ Trimaran “Sail/yak” that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water. A boomless, roller-furling sail rig. Two retractable amas that fold up against the side of the boat, with the simple pull of a line, for easy docking, maneuverability, and transport.
    The cockpit is the stable platform of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak, offering full versatility as a pedaling kayak when conditions are not convenient for sailing.


    The Hobie Mirage Drive allows the boat to be pedaled while under sail, or simply pedaled with the sail furled for versatility not found in any other sailboat.

    The Adventure Island is loaded with additional standard features such as a daggerboard; oversized “Twist and Stow” rudder; Mast and Sail Cover; and an Ama/Daggerboard Bag.

    – Adventure kayak hull w/ MirageDrive, paddle, seat, and large rudder blade
    – Two color coordinated Amas
    – Deck mounted cross-bars
    – Removable ama arms w/ carrying bag
    – Smoke daggerboard
    – Roller-furling sail w/ battens
    – Two-piece mast w/ full length storage bag
    – Harken blocks
    – All lines and hardware


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  • The NRS Adventurer enables you to be out longer and carry more.  Designed for adventure touring, the Adventurer has 6 D-rings and bungee lacing to attach your gear and a sleek shape for the highest level of efficiency.   The Adventurer is made with heavy-duty PVC and features Axis Technology, an acrylic stiffening agent integrated in the deck, keeping the board lightweight and easy to roll and store. This board also includes several webbing handles, interchangeable fins, high pressure pump and gauge, repair kit and a backpack for easy travel and storage.  With its ability to inflate to 15psi, you will hardly be able to tell it is inflatable.  This board opens the door to many adventures.

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  • The Big Rig is the boat to check out when you are looking for stability and standing capabilities. With two innovative outer keels, this wide bodied kayak is able to maintain speed and track quite well. When you want to stand and cast, have no worries as the lean assist bar gives you added security. The features on this boat are plentiful but one of our favorites is the horizontal rod troughs. The rod tip protectors at the bow have enough room to fit the rod tip and a rigged lure inside. This makes breaking a stored rod tip a thing of the past. It’s a big boy but you’ll have a hard time fitting all the features of this boat on anything smaller.

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  • The Jackson Big Tuna has redefined the category of tandem kayak. Best in class stability and speed set the foundation for the original groundbreaking design. The Big Tuna comes well equipped with all of the bells and whistles you expect from a Jackson Fishing Kayak: molded in rod holders, adjustable foot braces, paddle holders and easily accessible rod storage garage. Add easy access hatches fore and aft and of course Jackson’s legendary adjustable height seat – No more sore knees and back in this Yak – You’ll feel like you’re paddling a Lexus. Adjust the seat height and even orientation on the fly! Arrange the seats easily to face the same direction for forward paddling, or turn both seats outward and everyone gets a front row seat for “Hook, Set, Dinner!” You can also turn both seats inward to operate the Tuna Tank in the center port. It’s a viewing window, a beverage chiller and Live-bait well all in one: no electronics required!  Jackson has added more features! You’ll find multiple GoPro camera mounts that are compatible with Panfish and Ram Accessories too! Easily mount additional rod holders, fish finder and a satellite radio player with waterproof speakers… we’re not kidding! Choose a Tuna with or without a factory installed rudder system when you order. Can’t decide? The Big Tuna is exactly what Jackson says it is: A Big Tuna. At just over 14 feet long, the rudder system makes navigation easy, even when you’re paddling solo.!

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  • Jackson Coosa is the ultimate fishing kayak! Whether you are bass fishing the flats or fly fishing class 2 Whitewater Rivers this boat will get you where you need to be in order to catch those hard to get to monster fish that haunt your dreams. The high/low seat offers the most comfortable and functional fishing platform ever. The low position keeps your center of gravity low when the rapids get bigger while the high seat position allows for a greater view of the waters and fish with a higher vantage point. The wide and stable hull design makes standing and casting from the boat in flat water a breeze.

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  • The Coosa HD takes Jacksons tried and true Coosa and makes it even better.  The HD or “Heavy Duty” version puts more stability and more functionality into the Coosa platform.  It is half way between the Big Rig and the regular Coosa.  The Coosa HD is the perfect boat for river and lake fishing with its strength on rivers.  Its something you can take and do a multi-day fishing trip down the John Day River or go out and hit Lost Lake for trout.  You could even take it down some coastal rivers for Steelhead.  You want one boat that does everything?  This is it!

    Features of the Coosa HD:

    • Padded flooring for comfort and stealth
    • Yakattack gear track positions throughout deck
    • Multiple rod holding and staging positions for fly, spin, and baitcasting styles
    • Transducer savvy scupper
    • Drag chain chute
    • Rod stagers
    • Redesigned foot pegs
    • Lockable hatches
    • Paddle scoop/stager
    • Elite Seat 3.0
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  • Kayaks Cruise$1,049.00

    Jackson Cruise is a perfect all round sit on top kayak that is so versital you can use it for about anything. Because it is such a great all round kayak lots of anglers Its a stable platform to use for everything from just plain goofing off to serious angling. Lots of fun!
    Length: 12’3
    Width: 31.5
    Height: 13.5
    Weight: 68 w/ Seat, 63 w/0 Seat
    Capacity: 350

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  • If you’re stoked on the Cuda 14’ but are looking for a little less length and volume, Jackson has created the kayak you need; the Cuda 12’. This is the smaller, more maneuverable, easier loading sister to the Cuda 14’. The shorter mid-size length allows for plenty of speed, but gives anglers the maneuverability to tackle narrower areas and smaller bodies of water so you can get to your hidden ‘honey hole’. Although smaller than the Cuda 14’, the Cuda 12’ comes loaded with all the features that have won Jackson Fishing Kayaks their renown. The Cuda 12’ has the perfect combination of cutting edge engineering and intuitive design. Simply put, this is one of the most angler-friendly kayaks on the market. This stylish new Jackson fishing kayak will help you extend the life of your valuable rods with the rod tip cover feature. Other key features the Cuda 12’ totes are the side and rear tackle stagers, rear utility bag, underside Elite Seat pocket/rod butt stager, fly rod stagers, long load safety flag, stand assist handle, secondary rear seating position, rudder option, and a 26-inch center hatch. This last feature includes a fish cooler accessory; perfect for keeping your catch or your lunch nice and cool! The center hatch insert will also be removable for easy access to the interior, making for easy rod storage while on the water. If that doesn’t sound like a fish catching kayak, then I don’t know what does! Once you’re on the water and fishing, the over-sized platform in the center of the kayak allows you to stand up without the fear of capsizing. This secondary stability allows you to cast easier and play fish more efficiently; a win for both you AND the fish. Not only is the boat super stable, but it also has oodles and oodles of storage space for tackle, rods, extra clothing, and any other gear you can’t fish without! All of these features make the Cuda 12’ one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market! Here is a breakdown of some the most desirable attributes of this kayak: • Wide, flat hull shape makes this a paddling and standing platform that performs particularly well in wind so you won’t get blown around • Hi/Low seat is padded for comfort and adjustable, and it includes a removable rear utility bag and underside pocket • Hi/Low seat is height adjustable so you can get the perfect position for casting or paddling • Seating area also features a flat section of deck and a stand-assist handle so you can take advantage of this boat’s excellent secondary stability by standing for a better casting position • Secondary rear seating position allows you to move your seat towards the stern if you prefer to sit further back in your boat • 26-inch center hatch gives you storage for bait, tackle, and other essentials • Center hatch storage insert is removable, giving you easy access to the internal rod storage under the cockpit • Rear tankwell gives you enough storage for a drybag, rope, or other gear that you need to keep within reach • Bow and stern hatches have tight-fitting covers that help keep your gear dry • Boat also features flat areas for mounting fishing accessories on the hatch cover, paddler stagers, rod stagers, flush-mounted rod holders, rod tip covers, vertical tackle-box stagers in the tankwell and either side of the seat • Bow features a built-in mount for a GoPro-brand camera so you can film every moment on the water • Removable skid plate protects the bottom of your boat from rough river bottoms and shallow coves

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  • The Hobie Elite Tour SUP Board 12’6" is durable, lightweight, and perfect for touring in all conditions.  Made with Hobie’s 4 Phase Molding System, this great board begins with a compressed EPS core, layered several times with fiberglass and bamboo and reinforced in high impact areas with carbon fiber.  This construction in combination with a piercing hull and slightly concave deck make this board strong, efficient and stable.  The Elite Tour includes leash plugs, an H3 handle, single fin center box with fin and EVA traction pad.  Now you can go the distance!

    Recommended Paddler Weights:
    Beginner – 180
    Maximum – 230

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  • The Hobie Eva-lution SUP Board 11′ is the board for those on a budget.  Made with Hobie’s HCX (Hobie Composite Epoxy) high quality molding process and a full length EVA deck,  the Eva-lution reduces the cost of manufacturing without compromising quality or performance.  This strong, lightweight board includes a single fin, H3 handle, and leash plugs.  The user friendly Eva-lution is performance oriented and is a serious bang for the buck. 

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  • Kayaks Fun$1,199.00

    Everyone needs a little Fun in their life and it just got a little easier with this great all around kayak. The new 2015 model of the Jackson Fun is going back to its river running roots with a sleek style and new hull design. The high and forgiving lines of the new hull design take surfing, squirting and cartwheels from a dream to reality. The raised bow rocker adds to the Fun’s river running appeal by making it easy to cross holes, charge across eddy lines, and boot to your heart’s desire. With plenty of leg room and superior stability, the Fun is the perfect boat for river running or to ease beginners into playboating.

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  • Kayaks Fun 1.5$699.00

    Perfect for kids or smaller paddlers, the Fun 1.5 is the in-between size of the Fun series.  Still a great river running and play boat, just designed for tinier people.  Lightweight, incredibly responsive, and easy to roll, this boat puts a new meaning to the word fun.

    Like all Jackson Kayaks, they are light, comfortable, durable and dry.

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  • Presenting the all new i-Series—combining the Hobie MirageDrive within an innovative hull—its patent pending design will redefine how the world views inflatable kayaks. This 12 foot single is perfect for those who are short on room and storage. It packs nicely within its own rolling travel bag, so it can fit in the trunk of your car, on your boat, in your RV—you can even take it on the plane for your next vacation.

    – MirageDrive pedaling system
    – Hand-controlled rudder with kick-up feature
    – Self-draining cockpit scuppers
    – Deluxe 4-piece paddle with on-deck storage location
    – Hand pump
    – Rolling travel bag

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  • Interested in recreational Stand Up Paddling but don’t want to limit yourself to one area?  The NRS Imperial 4 will make it so you don’t have to.  This perfect all-around SUP board is great for touring, fitness paddling, or light river running.  It is made with heavy duty PVC and uses Axis Technology to include an acrylic stiffening agent in the deck that does not increase the weight of the board or make it more difficult to roll up.  With its ability to inflate to 15 psi, the Imperial 4 will feel just like a hard board but has the convenience of packing into a backpack for storage and travel.  The Imperial 4 also includes interchangeable fins, high pressure pump and gauge, webbing handles, six D-rings, a diamond textured foam deck pad, and repair kit.  This proves that SUP boards CAN be versatile.

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  • The NRS Imperial 6 has all the great qualities of it’s little sister, the Imperial 4, but with added volume to accommodate larger paddlers.  This versatile board is great for light river running, fitness paddling, or touring with its heavy duty PVC construction and Axis Technology.  Axis Technology integrates an acrylic stiffener into the deck, improving stiffness and performance without adding weight or difficulty in rolling.  The Imperial 6 comes with a carrying backpack, high pressure pump and gauge, repair kit and interchangeable fins.  Webbing handles make the Imperial 6 easy to carry and D-rings allow you to easy attach gear and a leash.  The Imperial 6 will rock your next adventure, no matter what it is.

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  • The Hobie Inflatable Tour SUP Board 10’6" is board for those on the go!  Made with hi-tech drop-stitch construction, the Inflatable Tour allows inflation over 10psi for a rigid, stable board.  A high pressure pump and gauge are included to make inflation quick, easy and convenient.  An EVA foot pad will keep you comfortable and stable, even when things get a little slippery out there.  The Hobie Inflatable Tour includes a convenient carrying handle, removable center fin, bungee tie down system and stainless steel d-rings, repair kit, EXP-3 Piece Paddle, and a large, comfortable heavy duty backpack for easy transport.  What are you waiting for?  Grab your Tour and go find your next adventure!

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  • Jackson has found the formula with their latest do it all creek boat. They’ve ramped up speed and stability from their last generation of creek boats making the Karma one of the most forgiving and predictable boats on the market. The Karma’s rocker profile provides great maneuverability without sacrificing any speed, an aspect that has secured podium finishes at many of the top extreme races. A well balanced bow and stern make sure resurfacing after bigger drops is controlled and predictable as well as keeping you on top of things when you’re in the thick of it. Carving into and out of must make eddies has never been easier thanks to the Karma’s well designed edge profile. Massive sidewalls create unmatched secondary stability in this confidence inspiring creek boat.

    Karma S :
    Weight: 40 lbs
    Length: 8′
    Width: 25″
    Height: 13.5″
    Volume: 72 gal
    Ideal Weight Range: 80-155 lbs
    Cockpit Dimensions: 32.5″ x 19″

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  • Take the great features off the rest of the Jackson Kayak fishing line and put them on a large, open cockpit sit inside kayak… and you have the Kilroy. Like all of Jacksons you have the ability to stand and cast from the Kilroy. Rigged out with YakAttack Spectra gear tracks and rod holders from the factory, all you need is a paddle and your fishing gear to have this boat ready to hit the water. Included with the kayak is a hard deck cockpit cover with molded in water bottle holder and tackle trays. The Elite seat makes for a comfortable day on the water and a great camping chair at the end of the day. Available soft cockpit coverings make for a great fly line rest.

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  • New for 2015! When designing the Kraken, Jackson wanted to come up with a fishing kayak for the offshore and big lake kayak angler. What they came up with is a boat shaped and built to accommodate open water and long distance paddling in comfort. This boat is designed to stand up to some of the most challenging paddling environments in the world. Whether you are punching surf, handling rough off shore currents, swells, or beach landings, the Kraken is built to perform. Not only does it paddle well, it is also able to handle the all of your fishing gear and customization needs with a large weight capacity and the ability to position equipment how you want it. The Kraken can accommodate live bait challenges, rod storage, fish finders and comes equipped with gear boxes. Like all Jackson fishing kayaks, this boat comes ready to hit the water and land fish!

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    The Hobie outback is the utilitarian vessel of the fleet. Ready to take on any body of water, be it lake, river or ocean, it is incredibly stable with tons of storage room. With four molded in rod holders, this boat was designed with the fishermen in mind. The side trays allow for tackle and the lures to be ready at hand when you need to switch up your presentation. The versatility the Hobie Outback offers is nearly unparalleled. If there is any type of fishing that you want to do, you can do it from this kayak, commercially long lining swordfish not included. With the Lowrance Ready system included on the Outback, you’re sure to be able to mount your fishfinder with ease and have a great signal showing exactly where the fish are hiding. The Hobie Outback is probably the most popular of all the MirageDrive kayaks and is so for a reason. The Hobie MirageDrive is incredibly efficient and the most effective pedal drive system on the market. The newest model features a drive system with less resistance than before which makes propelling the kayak through the water nearly effortless. The new highly adjustable CT Vantage seat gives the user with comfort all day long. You will always be at your most comfortable with lumbar support that will give you just the right amount of support. The CT Vantage seat keeps your backside out of any water that would be in the seat area, and doubles as your camp chair.

    – MirageDrive pedaling system
    – Hand-controlled rudder with kick-up feature
    – Seamless roto-molded polyethylene hull
    – Self-draining cockpit scuppers
    – Acres of internal storage, fore and aft
    – 3 Hatches: Two 8″ and a large forward flip hatch
    – Deluxe 2-piece paddle with 2 on-deck storage locations
    – 4 molded-in rod holders
    – 2 molded-in drink holders
    – Molded-in storage wells all around the cockpit
    – Molded-in dive tank well
    – Hobie Gear Bucket
    – Water Bottle

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  • Kayaks Outfitter$3,449.00


    The Hobie Outfitter is a great tandem fishing kayak. Incredibly stable and efficient, the compact Outfitter is a fantastic choice for those with limited storage space but infinite desire for adventure. No need to worry if you are headed out alone, it works equally well when used solo. With built in trays, cup and rod holders in addition to the MirageDrive system, you’ll find yourselves on the water all day. The molded in side trays will keep your fishing accessories readily available when you need to switch a lure or pull the hook from the fish’s lip. The Hobie MirageDrive is a hands free pedal drive system that propels you through the water with ease. It is the most effective and efficient system on the market. The newest model features a drive system with less resistance than before which is saying something since the earlier drive models had very little resistance to begin with. The new CT Vantage seat will make sure that you are comfortable all day long since you can move the seat into twelve different position options. The CT Vantage seat provides a nice dry ride by keeping you up out of any water that might splash in the seat area.
    mirage drive

         Two MirageDrives
         Twist and Stow Rudder
         Two Adjustable High-Back Padded Seats w/ Inflatable Lumbar Support
         Two-Piece Paddles w/ On-Hull Storage
         Four Molded-In Rod Holders
         Sail mount
         Three 8” Twist and Seal Hatches (patent pending) w/ Gear Bucket
         Two Mesh-Covered Stowage Pockets

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  • The Pro Angler 12 boasts all the benefits of its big brother Pro Angler 14 in a more compact model. Designed to be carried in the back of the full-size pick up bed, you can now have a pro angler and not have to worry about towing a trailer. The pontoon style hull and flat deck area in front of the seat allow user to stand and sight cast or simply just stretch your legs while out on the water. Also a popular model with fly fisherman because of the standing capability, it will allow you the full action of your cast, not compromised by sitting. The newest models feature of drop skeg for improved tracking and steering. Installation of a fishfinder is simple and worry free with the Lowrance Ready System. With two molded and four horizontal rod holders, you’ll have an arsenal of rods at hand   No fish will be safe when you are on the water in your Pro Angler 12. The MirageDrive is an extremely efficient system that propels you through the water with minimal effort. The new GT drive is smoother and easier to use with less resistance than before.

    Mirage Drive in Action

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