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Man has been navigating the water for thousands of years and kayaking has become one of the most popular watersports today. The lightweight, plastic boats of today differ from their wicker and wooden cousins and make paddling accessible to people from all walks of life. Whether you want to charge down your local Class IV rapids or enjoy a quiet sunset cruise on your local lake, we have the right boat for you. From sit-on-top kayaks to Hobie Mirage pedal drive kayaks, you can find what suits the needs of you and your family. Choose from the top brands like Hobie, Jackson Kayaks, Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Wavesports, and Pyranha. Talk to a Kayak Shed expert at 877-725-2925 (9-5 Pacific Time) and we will help find the boat that is perfect for you!

Interested in seeing some of our past products? Well click here and you can see what we have offered in the past. We are sold out of all of them but we get a lot of questions about old items. So here they all are!