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Gear storage can be just as important as the gear itself so don’t mess around with anything less than the best!  Keep your gear dry and organized with DriCat, Pelican, NRS and IceMule dry storage.  Whether kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or rafting, we have a gear bag for you.  Choose from wet dry gear bags, mesh bags, and dry bags.  Have questions about how to store your gear? Give us a call at 1-877-725-2925, we’ll be happy to help!

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  • Protect your paddle with this slick paddle bag from Adventure Technology. This padded, durable zippered bag will hold up to 3 whitewater kayak paddles up to 200 cm in length. Includes a handy handle that won’t make handling your paddle a handful. 3 Zippered pouches on the exterior help keep accessories secure and padded paddle sleeves on the interior keep your paddle safe and sound. Will fit nearly all whitewater kayak paddle designs!

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  • When you are heading out for a picnic or a camping trip, no longer do you have to lug around the heavy awkward cooler. Grab your Ice Mule; throw in some ice, your goodies and it over your shoulder. The fully insulated bag will keep your beverages cold and your sandwiches tasty. No worries about the dreaded drips from other soft sided coolers, since this cooler is also a dry bag and won’t leak on you. Grab one in each size for you various trip lengths.

    Small – 10L
    Medium – 15L
    Large – 20L

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  • Coolers Cooler Bag$79.99

    Finally a cooler for your kayak made by Hobie! This has been in the works for a long time and finally here it is. The perfect cooler for your kayak. Works great in any kayak but designed speciffically to fit Pro Angler front hatches. Fits a Pro Angler 14 hatch with the hatch insert in and the Pro Angler 12 with out the insert in. since its soft sided it also fits in every hobie front cargo hatch. Perfect addition to keep those frosty ones frosty!

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  • Jackson Kayaks Big Tuna Cooler Fish Bag- Keep those fish climate controlled with this awesome cooler bag. Feel free to use it for beverages as well.
    Outside: 26.5×7.5×7
    Inside: 24.5×6.5×6.5

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  • The EK Ekcessories Dri Cat Case is 100% waterproof for your iPhone 4/4s, and comes with a carabiner clip. Unlike other waterproof cases, the Dri Cat allows your iPhone to be fully functional while in the case. Not only is the case completely waterproof, but also easy to use; put your iPhone in the waterproof shell and clamp the case shut. The unique silicone shield allows you to take photos, shoot video, make calls or listen to music all while your phone is secured in the protective case. The Dri Cat allows iPhone 4/4S users to venture out with confidence into countless aquatic areas – from oceanside to poolside and beyond. Truly Made in the USA.

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  • Don’t loose gear in the vast chasm that is the hull of your Hobie kayak.  Add a drop-in bag to the new 6” Hobie Twist-n-seal hatch. Kit includes back-up ring with lip, screws and bag with drawstring.  Easy installation will get you back on the water in no time.

    Hobie Part # 5421

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  • The IceMule Dry Pack is the perfect, lightweight dry bag for your next lunch on the go.  Designed specifically for a stack of tupperware containers and made with food safe nylon, this dry storage is ideal.

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  • IceMule Coolers has done it again with the IceMule Pro Cooler.  This backpack style cooler features a tough denier outer layer, foolproof seal, and insulation that will keep things cold for up to 24 hours. It’s a whole new world with these portable, high capacity coolers!

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  • The IceMule Pro Pack is a perfect addition to any adventure kit.  Constructed with Extra-tough 1000 Denier Tarpaulin and a waterproof  zipper, the IceMule Pro Pack will keep all your important items safe and dry.

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  • Protect your valuables from getting wet while on the river with Pelican’s lightweight Micro Cases.  Perfect for phones, cameras and other mall electronics, the micro case series has a box that will perfectly fit your needs. These are water resistant, crush proof and dust proof.  The rubber lining also acts as a rubber o-ring and keeps your electronics safe and sound. The easy open latch locks securely while the carabiner helps you keep track of your gear.

    1010   4.37″ x 2.87″ x 1.68″
    1020   5.31″ x 3.56″ x 1.68″
    1030   6.37″ x 2.62″ x 2.06″
    1040    6.50″ x 3.87″ x 1.75″
    1050    7.50″ x 5.06″ x 3.12″
    1060    9.37″ x 5.56″ x 2.62″

    ·         Available in clear with color liner or solid
    ·         Easy open latch
    ·         Rubber liner for extra protection doubles as o-ring seal
    ·         Stainless steel hardware
    ·         Carabiner
    ·         Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
    ·         Water resistant, crushproof, and dust proof

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  • Finally, a padded carrying bag for your Mirage Drive! The Mirage Drive Stow Bag will protect your Mirage Drive while traveling or while in storage. Better yet, protect all of your other gear from a rogue drive rattling around in the back of your vehicle while you’re on the way to the water. The Stow Bag has a zippered access compartment and will fit Standard Mirage fins or ST Turbo Fin equipped drives. Storage compartments inside the bag fit accessories like your speedo tube, scupper plugs as well as any other spare parts. Even accommodates the Hobie Pump and 4-piece paddles for your Inflatable i-series kayak. Attached shoulder strap makes carrying a breeze and allows you to clip your drive to your kayak too!
    Hobie Part # 80024

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  • It’s a dry bag; it’s a catch cooler; it’s an Ice Mule. Durable and efficient, these bags were designed with the fisherman in mind. With a tapered design they will fit great on the bow or stern of your kayak. Fully insulated you can rest easy knowing that your catch will stay fresh until you get back to the launch. No more need to lug around that giant cooler this bad boy can roll up easily. Available in three sizes there is one that is going to be perfect for your catch.

    Small – 22 inches
    Medium – 32 inches
    Large – 42 inches

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  • Overnight float trips, day hikes and general camping, this cooler has you covered. Since it’s fully insulated and you can purge the air from the bag, your ice is going to last for days. Tested on a four day canoe trip, in 80 degree weather, there was still ice at the end of the trip. The dry bag construction ensures that this soft cooler won’t leak on you either. The backpack style shoulder straps make for a comfortable carry when you have a dozen or more beverages on you back. Available in three sizes there is one to fit your needs.
    Large – 20L
    XLarge – 30L
    XXLarge – 40L

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  • Make your trip just a little bit easier with the Hobie Rolling Duffel Gear Bag.  Big enough to fit plenty of gear, but with the added convenience of wheels so you don’t have to worry about how much to pack.

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