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Dry Wear

Stay warm and dry on your next paddling or fishing adventure with dry wear from NRS, Sweet Protection, and Immersion Research.  Dry wear is essential for safety and comfort when paddling in cold water or cold conditions.  Choose from a variety of gear ranging from splash pants and tops to dry tops, dry pants and dry suits and enjoy free shipping!


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  • The new 7Figure Drysuit from Immersion Research is made with the same great WhiteOut laminate used in the Arch Rival suit.  What does this mean?  Durable, dry fabric that will last years with minimal maintenance.  The polyester outer shell is supple, durable, and hard to wet-out even when the DWR has worn off.  Other features include:

    • Latex neck and wrists, glued in.
    • Relief zipper, T-Zip like the main zip
    • Cross seams are hot pressed to be super dry
    • No 4-way seams
    • Neoprene neck cover, velcro/neoprene wrist closures
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  • Made with a polyester outer shell and Immersion Research’s amazing WhiteOut laminate, the 7Figure Drytop is top notch.  It is supple, durable, and made to keep you dry in the worst conditions.  The good folks over at Immersion Research describe it as "the best drytop we have ever made."  Other features include:

    • Latex neck and wrist gaskets, glued in.
    • All cross seams are hot pressed to be super dry.
    • No 4-way seams.
    • Neoprene neck cover, neoprene "volcano" wrist closures.
    • Waterproof breathable tunnel.
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  • The Arch Rival Pants are made with 70 denier nylon with additional 410X200 denier pack cloth in the seat and knees, and laminated with IR’s proprietary WhiteOut™ breathable barrier. At the top of the pants is a  4″ high  3mm neoprene waistband  that tucks easily under your spray skirt, and at the bottom are 3 panel, tight fitting neoprene ankle cuffs that are durable, comfortable, and keep water out. These pants also come with a hidden front pocket with zipper, and large ankle over-cuffs that will cinch down over your neoprene booties. If you are getting ready for some spring boating these pants will keep you warm.

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  • NRS BlackRock Dry Pants keep you dry, even when you’re standing waist-deep in the water. The high waist band easily tucks up under your drytop tunnel to help keep water out when you’re fully immersed. Cut for comfort with room to spare for layering.

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  • The Supernova is the most important piece of kayak fishing and safety gear you will ever own. Don’t let nasty cold weather and water conditions keep you from catching fish. Protection from the elements means more time on the water and more fish in the kayak. Fish slime be dammed! Don’t come home smelling like your catch. It’s tough, durable 3L material is waterproof and breathable and will keep not only the weather out but also keep the slime and mess of a days fishing off your clothes. Kayak fishing is a physically demanding sport and your gear needs to hold up to the abuse. Cordura panels on the lap, seat, knees and elbows protect the high wear zones. Breathable socks keep your feet happy and dry all day long. The built in relief zipper is heaven sent and will make those long days on the water much more pleasant. Being seen from miles away in the high visibility mango/gray color combo will add piece of mind to your kayak fishing adventures. Anglers want quality and durability when buying gear. The lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship protect your investment and give you the confidence you need fish the most extreme conditions.

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  • The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit is made entirely of the toughest GORE-TEX PRO to keep you dry no matter how burly the conditions.  The textured Polyester face of the laminate is extremely durable, taking the worry out of rugged expeditions. This is a great choice for breathable, waterproof and windproof protection.

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  • Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Top is all work and no frills with latex gaskets on both the wrists and neck. It is made with 3-layer WhiteOut™ waterproof breathable technology bonded to a heavy weight 410 denier oxford nylon, and has a waterproof, breathable 3-layer 70 denier nylon inner tunnel. If you want a strong, durable, and well-priced dry top, the Arch Rival is for you. The Arch Rival jackets also feature a neoprene neck cover, coated nylon biceps gasket covers and an adjustable velcro neoprene waistband.

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  • Immersion Research Comp LX  has been the best selling 4 season dry top now features ergonomic seaming for greater mobility and comfort. Made with 4 layer waterproof/breathable Entrant®, lightweight waterproof/breathable inner tunnel, latex neck with over-gasket, hook and loop closures over latex wrist gaskets, zippered semi-dry pocket on front chest, adjustable neoprene waistband. Seam taped throughout.

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  • Sweet-Supernova-Dry-Top-Gunmetal-Blue


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  • Available in TROPOS waterproof/breathable fabric, the Whirlpool Bib also receives a zippered pocket for essentials. A front relief or drop seat zipper and TROPOS socks can be added for increased comfort.

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