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You bought your kayak now its time to get it set up exactly how you want it with the right Hobie Kayak Gear! We have the largest inventory of Hobie Kayak Gear on the West Coast. We have what you need for everything from a fun day in the sun with your family to a rough winter fishing trip in the Pacific. Some unique things you might take a peak at are Hobie Sail Kit, Hobie outrigger AMA Kit, KC Kayak Welder, and of course drain plugs. You always loose those darn things. Hobie takes pride in engineering the best products to keep you on the water having fun. We pride our selves in making sure you are stoked what what ever you bought from us. Bam, match made in heaven. We have several guys and gals here that kayak every day. If they are not kayaking they want to so please give us a call and ask what ever question about Kayaks or Kayaking you might have. We are here to out fit you to have fun on the water! Oh right you can also search by part number & Special orders welcome! 1-877-725-2925

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  • The new, Hobie Adjustable H-Bar fits most MirageDrive Kayaks and offers a variety of height settings. The adjustable width, height, and various foot attachments make this a highly versatile piece of gear. The Adjustable H-Bar is made with H-Rail tubing so H-Rail accessories will attach with no problem. It offers the ability to pull yourself from a seated position, lean against it to stabilize, and hold on to assist in entering the kayak.  With its four telescoping legs and different options for foot mount placement, a wide range of height settings are enabled. The two center bars allow for installation on boats of varying widths. When not in use, the Adjustable H-Bar folds out of the way.

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  • This all new rod holder extension from Hobie fits into the molded-in rod holders and is fully adjustable for optimal trolling and storage angles.  Anchor straps are included to hold the rod holder extension tethered to the boat as well as keeping it from rotating when not desired.  It is fully adaptable for different reels and angles with a removable reel holder and includes a removable gimble pin installed at the base.

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  • Retains Mirage Drive Pedals

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  • Get the perfect fit for your Hobie Adventure Island when you travel. The Hobie Adventure Island Cradle Set attaches the Adventure Island Kayak and AMA’s to the cross bars of your trailer giving your kayaks a smooth and safe ride. The Cradle fits 2011 and newer Adventure Island Kayaks(Hobie item number 80044202). You can use the cradle on older versions of the Adventure Island but you will need to add foam blocking under the Adventure Island Hull in order to get a good fitting cradle.

    The old style Adventure Island Cradle works for 2007-2010 Adventure Island Kayaks(Hobie item number 72020403).

    Hobie Part # 72020400 2011
    Hobie Part # 72020403 2007-2010

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  • Get the perfect fit for your Hobie Adventure Island when you travel. The Island Cradle Set includes two contoured and padded cradles that mount perfectly on your Rack or Trailex Trailer and ensure that your investment stays secure while traveling. Contoured shape also protects the plastic from warping when tied tightly to your rack.
    Hobie Part # 79527001 Black
    Hobie Part # 79527011 Grey

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  • Adventure kayak models can add the dagger board for enhanced upwind performance. The Hobie Adventure kayak has a specific molded slot for the dagger board for easy installation.

    Hobie Dagger Boards are very strong and help add significant sailing directional control. It’s very helpful even if the Mirage drive is engaged in the water.
    Hobie Part # 79502001

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  • Hobie’s anchor kit is a must for the serious angler who needs the ability to hold position while stalking his next trophy fish.  The 3lb folding design is perfectly sized for a kayak and holds you in position regardless of the substrate you are paddling over.  This anchor comes with 60 feet of line and a handy storage bag that can be clipped to the deck of your boat.  Don’t let wind or a little current keep you from fishing those prime fishing holes.  Use with the Hobie Anchor Trolly kit for maximum drift angle control.
    Hobie Part # 80035A

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  • The Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit allows you to be in full control of your anchored kayak! Installs easily to the side of your kayak with included stainless steel and injection molded nylon clips and pulleys. Easily adjust the direction your kayak is pointed by sliding the attachment point of your anchor, drift chute or stake-out pole from the forward to the aft. Control at the palm of your hand.This kit is made to fit on any kayak. some specific parts for some Hobie modles. However it’ll work on pretty much any kayak.
    Hobie Part #72020008 Replaces Hobie Part# 72020064, 72020008, 72020061.

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  • The Hobie Bilge Pump Hand Pump helps to get water out of the hull. This easy to use pump is a necessity for long trips on the water. Features super-comfortable, easy-grip rubber overmolded handle and a high-visibility neon yellow stock for extra safety.
    Hobie Part # 72020032

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  • Protect your investment and make your boat look shiny and new with Hobies Boat Cleaner. This can get the toughest stains out of any Hobie boat or product made of fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl (trampolines), plastic, Kevlar, rubber and PVC. This cleaner is formulated with Green Chemistry; and is environmentally friendly. Great for removing stains from mildew, mold, algae, salt grunge, tar and grease. Also great to use before applying Hobie UV Protection.

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  • Bow/Stern Handle fits all Hobie kayaks! If yours is worn out or you just want to add one. Get a Hobie bow handle for your kayak.
    Hobie Part # 76050001

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  • Add a Hobie Gear Bucket to your 8” Twist-n-Seal Hatch equipped Hobie Kayak for convenient and accessible storage of bait, tackle, snacks, cameras, or other necessities. These 2-1/2” deep sealing containers feature adjustable panels to keep your gear organized. Gear buckets also rest perfectly on the inside lip of the hatch.

    Having extra Gear Buckets is OK! Slide extra Gear Buckets through the hatch to store them neatly in your ships cargo hold. Choose 1 gear bucket, 3 gear buckets together in a handy carrying bag or just get the carry bag to use with the buckets you already have!
    Hobie Part # 71706001 3 pack
    Hobie Part # 71705001 Bucket Bag
    Hobie Part # 71704021 5″ Deep
    Hobie Part # 71704001 Standard

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  • Worn or broken cam lock knobs will cause the MirageDrive to slip from the drive well.  This is a replacement piece to solve this problem.  Each MirageDrive has two cam lock knobs.  It is recommended that you replace both at the same time.

    • Sold separately
    • Replacement for MirageDrive cam lock knobs
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  • The Hobie Carbon Hybrid Paddle 7.8 provides maximum strength and performance for racing and surfing.  Made with a tapered oval shaft and ergonomically designed handle, this paddle is top notch in comfort and control.  It also features a dihedral blade with an 11 degree angle to provide strength and power as well as control.

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  • Hobie Carbon Paddle 230 cm is made of strong and lightweight Carbon Fiber.
    Hobie Part # 74075001

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  • The Hobie Cassette Plug is designed to lock into the drive well and block water from splashing into the boat when the Mirage Drive is not installed in your kayak. The plug will not make a water-tight seal but will however keep splashing from occurring while allowing water to drain through the drive well.

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  • Hobie Kayak Gear Cleat$5.49

    Give yourself another spot to tie off a line or anchor by installing the Hobie Cleat on your kayak. Gives you the flexibility to tie off or attach line to multiple spots. Some drilling is required for installation. Hardware not included

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  • These are replacement click and go assemblies that allow the Hobie Mariage drive to easily attach to your kayak. These are sold as Left and a Right side. So if you need to replace just one side please take note of the side you need and order the correct side. The Hobie Click and Go assembly is such an easy way to ‘click’ your Mariage drive into your Hobie Kayak. Several people have used these for other applications because they are such an easy way to connect something quickly and easily. They come with 2 built in Hex bolts that are made to bolt into an existing Hobie Kayak. They do not work as a retro fit on the old style of twist and lock.

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  • Coolers Cooler Bag$79.99

    Finally a cooler for your kayak made by Hobie! This has been in the works for a long time and finally here it is. The perfect cooler for your kayak. Works great in any kayak but designed speciffically to fit Pro Angler front hatches. Fits a Pro Angler 14 hatch with the hatch insert in and the Pro Angler 12 with out the insert in. since its soft sided it also fits in every hobie front cargo hatch. Perfect addition to keep those frosty ones frosty!

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  • Hobie Croakies keep your glasses in place. They are made from wetsuit fabric, so they keep their shape when wet. They keep snug to your head whether your glasses are around your neck, covering your eyes, or on top of your head. Keep your glasses safe with croakies.

    Croakies come in a variety of colors.

    Hobie Part # 1553CR

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  • The Hobie Customization Package combines the Screw In Fittings Tool, 5 Cleats, and 5 Padeyes for installing all of your great Hobie accessories. Swap preexisting fittings to meet your needs with this kit.  Great for running anchor lines.

    Hobie Part # 72020023

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  • Lost your drain plug on your Hobie Kayak? Well we got you covered. Take that bubble gum out of the hole and replace it with what is supposed to be keeping the water out of your kayak! An original Hobie Kayak Drain Plug. Made in the USA this is a replacement drain plug used in Hobie Kayaks.
    Hobie Part # 10091000

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