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A good backpack will become part of your body and you’ll forget it’s even there. We have carefully chosen a selection of expertly designed, ergonomically functional and stylish backpacks that will suit any outdoor activity possible. Both Arc’teryx and Mammut have pushed the envelope with advanced design and materials technology that blow the doors off the competition. With the some of the most lightweight and comfortable designed on the market, it is no surprise that these backpacks have quickly become favorites in the alpine and mountaineering worlds. That technology has trickled down from their mountain expedition packs to the most basic of daypacks. Explore backcountry skiing with the added safety of the Mammut R.A.S. avalancy airbag system or load up your favorite fatty skis on the Arc’teyrx Kea lineup. Let us help you find the right backpack and get you sized up for your next outing. Give our Kayak Shed experts a call at 877-725-2925 (9-5 Pacific Time)


We use these packs ourselves and love 'em. We know you will too.