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Kokatat was the first company to create a piece of dry gear specific to boating and has been at the top of the game since. Originating as an outdoor and backpacking company to fulfill the founder's needs for high quality gear, Kokatat began producing paddling gear to replace the rain gear that was being worn by paddlers.

With a large portion of their product being manufactured in Arcata, California, Kokatat believes that keeping production local is necessary to control quality of product. Each Kokatat product is made with the highest quality standards and is backed with a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing or materials. They stand behind their products with great customer service, repair, and warranty. Meaning "into the water" in the Klamath River Native American language, Kokatat makes the best gear for any type of paddler.

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  • The Supernova is the most important piece of kayak fishing and safety gear you will ever own. Don’t let nasty cold weather and water conditions keep you from catching fish. Protection from the elements means more time on the water and more fish in the kayak. Fish slime be dammed! Don’t come home smelling like your catch. It’s tough, durable 3L material is waterproof and breathable and will keep not only the weather out but also keep the slime and mess of a days fishing off your clothes. Kayak fishing is a physically demanding sport and your gear needs to hold up to the abuse. Cordura panels on the lap, seat, knees and elbows protect the high wear zones. Breathable socks keep your feet happy and dry all day long. The built in relief zipper is heaven sent and will make those long days on the water much more pleasant. Being seen from miles away in the high visibility mango/gray color combo will add piece of mind to your kayak fishing adventures. Anglers want quality and durability when buying gear. The lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship protect your investment and give you the confidence you need fish the most extreme conditions.

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  • Full-length pant is articulated for comfort. Elastic waistband is low profile and won’t irritate skin.


    – Flat stitched seams
    – Moves moisture away from the skin
    – Smooth knit face


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  • Keep your head warm in the surf or when the mercury starts to fall. Low profile. Strapless design.  Perfect for under a helmet.

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  • The Kokatat Super Breeze paddling jacket represents a major step up from other entry-level paddling jackets in both waterproofness and breathability thanks to Kokatat’s breakthrough waterproof Tropos fabric. Whether you’re getting pounded by a coastal storm or just on a sunny cruise in the bay, the Super Breeze withstands the rigors of paddling and the vagaries of weather. Kokatat’s Super Breeze’s shell is made from strong, beefy Taslan nylon with a DWR treatment, and has a urethane coating and factory-sealed seams for superb waterproof protection. The coating allows moisture vapor to pass to the outside of the garment so your perspiration can escape instead of glomming the jacket to your skin. All this translates to immersibility, wet flex protection, and a measure of breathability unheard of in paddling jackets of yesteryear. The Super Breeze also features a zippered mesh chest pocket for easy access to sunscreen and food lest you become a sea prune.

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  • Available in TROPOS waterproof/breathable fabric, the Whirlpool Bib also receives a zippered pocket for essentials. A front relief or drop seat zipper and TROPOS socks can be added for increased comfort.

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