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Jackson Kayaks

Jackson Kayaks are a seriously well oiled kayak designing, building and manufacturing machine. Many of the top kayaks today and for over the last decade are from Jackson Kayak. Jackson Kayak has set the bar in paddle powered kayak fishing designs. Jackson Kayak fishing line up has focused on functional high end performance kayaks that include all the bells and whistles a kayak fisherman would want. Their kayaks are truly amazing designs that have re-set the bar for Kayak Fishing for performance, user friendliness, and usability. Our favorite 2 single fishing kayaks are the Big Rig And Coosa HD. Best Tandem Fishing Kayak Has to be the Big Tuna.  Jackson Kayaks for white water designs are also ground breaking focused on precise handling and control.  Jackson Kayaks offer boats in a huge range of sizes to make sure everyone in the family has a boat that fits them perfectly. What else would you expect from an entire family of top-notch kayakers? We also have some Jackson Kayaks for sale in our used kayak section as well as some seasonal sales we have from time to time. Interested? Give us a call 1-877-725-2925.

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  • Have you ever had 2 much Fun? If you like to have a blast on whitewater but don’t want to commit to a playboat or a huge creeker, this boat is for you!

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  • The 4Fun is the oldest sibling in the Jackson Fun series. With a little added volume, Jackson has made playboating possible for everyone. The new and improved hull design of the 2015 4Fun takes this boat back to the days of river running, cartwheels, squirts, and surfing for days. The bow rocker has been raised to make crossing holes, charging eddy lines, and boofing a breeze. The sleek, narrow design is great for speed with side wall flair for added stability. The perfect choice for experts or beginners, the 4 Fun will not let you down.

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  • Jackson Kayak Big Rig is the boat to check out when you are looking for stability and standing capabilities. We think its the best paddle powered fishing kayak out there. It does almost everything. You can run non technical rivers. You can stand and fish from it. Cant get more versatile than that!

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  • Jackson Kayak Big Rig Rudder kit is an easy way to add a rudder on to your Big Rig. The kit includes everything you need to make your Big Rig a fully rudder controlled fishing machine! Easy to install and comes with instructions so easy your neighbor kid could do it.

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  • Jackson Big Tuna Kayak has redefined the category of tandem kayak. Best in class stability and speed. Its a lot of fun and an amazing multi person fishing kayak. First tandem kayak that actually works for 2 people to fish from.

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  • Jackson Coosa is the ultimate fishing kayak! Whether you are bass fishing the flats or fly fishing class 2 Whitewater Rivers this boat will get you where you need to be in order to catch those hard to get to monster fish that haunt your dreams.

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  • The Coosa HD takes Jacksons tried and true Coosa and makes it even better.  The HD or “Heavy Duty” version puts more stability and more functionality into the Coosa platform.  It is half way between the Big Rig and the regular Coosa.  The Coosa HD is the perfect boat for river and lake fishing with its strength on rivers.  Its something you can take and do a multi-day fishing trip down the John Day River or go out and hit Lost Lake for trout.  You could even take it down some coastal rivers for Steelhead.  You want one boat that does everything?  This is it!

    Features of the Coosa HD:

    • Padded flooring for comfort and stealth
    • Yakattack gear track positions throughout deck
    • Multiple rod holding and staging positions for fly, spin, and baitcasting styles
    • Transducer savvy scupper
    • Drag chain chute
    • Rod stagers
    • Redesigned foot pegs
    • Lockable hatches
    • Paddle scoop/stager
    • Elite Seat 3.0
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  • Jackson Kayaks Cuda- is finally the answer to the flatwater fisherman?s dream. It has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the rare ability to be stable for standing when you get to your destination.

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  • Jackson Kayaks Cuda Center Hatch Insert- Drop this in your Cuda and store your tackle, fish, ice cold beverages, or whatever you may choose.

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  • Cuda Rudder kit is for all Jackson Cuda Kayaks. Works on Cuda 12 and Cuda 14 kayaks. Tired of getting pushed around by wind and currents? Get additional tracking and control to your Jackson Cuda with the Cuda Rudder Kit.

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  • Everyone needs a little Fun in their life and it just got a little easier with this great all around kayak!

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  • Jackson’s Fun Float Bags take up more room in your stern with one u-shaped float than any other two float combo.  This gives you superior buoyancy in the event of a swim and makes draining your kayak even easier.  The u-shape also keeps this single inflation float locked into place even on the worst of swims.  The innovative shape and design has simplified the float bag issue and inflates and deflates easily with one valve. If you are new to boating and have a Jackson Fun kayak or a boat of similar size, the Fun Float Bags are the perfect solution for keeping your boat afloat. 

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  • Tuck your feet into this beanbag and get them super comfy, then close the valve and you have your footprint proudly placed in our Happy Feet Footbag.

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  • Jackson Kayak has added the Happy Thruster to improve the already successful Happy Seat! Designed to be used together, this Happy combo will give you enough added volume under your kayak skirt to turn your boat into a flying machine.

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  • Take the great features off the rest of the Jackson Kayak fishing line and put them on a large, open cockpit sit inside kayak… and you have the Kilroy. Like all of Jacksons you have the ability to stand and cast from the Kilroy. Rigged out with YakAttack Spectra gear tracks and rod holders from the factory, all you need is a paddle and your fishing gear to have this boat ready to hit the water. Included with the kayak is a hard deck cockpit cover with molded in water bottle holder and tackle trays. The Elite seat makes for a comfortable day on the water and a great camping chair at the end of the day. Available soft cockpit coverings make for a great fly line rest.

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  • New for 2015! When designing the Kraken, Jackson wanted to come up with a fishing kayak for the offshore and big lake kayak angler. What they came up with is a boat shaped and built to accommodate open water and long distance paddling in comfort.

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  • Put a mesh pocket on your Jackson Cuda, Coosa, Big Tuna, or Big Rig with JAcksons mesh pocket. This addition will help keep your tackle box or whatever stay put! Easy to install!

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  • Jackson Kayaks Stand Assist Strap- Keep Balanced when fishing in the standing position. This simple but functional strap provides a great balance point. It is highly durable and must have for kayak fisherman.

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  • The Sweet Cheeks will blow you away with the immediate comfort improvements in any kayak, whitewater or flatwater. No glue needed. Simply peel and stick the Velcro hooks on the bottom of your seat, drop in the Sweet Cheeks, strap it in, so that the river can’t take it away from you.


    ** These do come standard in all Jackson Kayaks (Classic series excluded).

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    • Feather Angle – Smart View Adjustable
    • Blade Surface Area – 650cm
    • Blade Length x Width – 52cm x 16.5cm
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