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Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 Jackson GI Jackson
Jackson GI Jackson
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Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12

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Product Reviews
Jackson Kayaks Cuda ATTN: OUR PHOTO COLORS ARE NOT ACCURATE. Sorry for the delay We are working to get accurate colors asap. Thanks for your patience. we will ship the color described not the one pictured. If you’re stoked on the Cuda 14’ but are looking for a little less length and volume, Jackson has created the kayak you need; the Cuda 12’. This is the smaller, more maneuverable, easier loading sister to the Cuda 14’. The shorter mid-size length allows for plenty of speed, but gives anglers the maneuverability to tackle narrower areas and smaller bodies of water so you can get to your hidden ‘honey hole’. Although smaller than the Cuda 14’, the Cuda 12’ comes loaded with all the features that have won Jackson Fishing Kayaks their renown. The Cuda 12’ has the perfect combination of cutting edge engineering and intuitive design. Simply put, this is one of the most angler-friendly kayaks on the market. This stylish new Jackson fishing kayak will help you extend the life of your valuable rods with the rod tip cover feature. Other key features the Cuda 12’ totes are the side and rear tackle stagers, rear utility bag, underside Elite Seat pocket/rod butt stager, fly rod stagers, long load safety flag, stand assist handle, secondary rear seating position, rudder option, and a 26-inch center hatch. This last feature includes a fish cooler accessory; perfect for keeping your catch or your lunch nice and cool! The center hatch insert will also be removable for easy access to the interior, making for easy rod storage while on the water. If that doesn’t sound like a fish catching kayak, then I don’t know what does! Once you’re on the water and fishing, the over-sized platform in the center of the kayak allows you to stand up without the fear of capsizing. This secondary stability allows you to cast easier and play fish more efficiently; a win for both you AND the fish. Not only is the boat super stable, but it also has oodles and oodles of storage space for tackle, rods, extra clothing, and any other gear you can’t fish without! All of these features make the Cuda 12’ one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market! Here is a breakdown of some the most desirable attributes of this kayak: • Wide, flat hull shape makes this a paddling and standing platform that performs particularly well in wind so you won't get blown around • Hi/Low seat is padded for comfort and adjustable, and it includes a removable rear utility bag and underside pocket • Hi/Low seat is height adjustable so you can get the perfect position for casting or paddling • Seating area also features a flat section of deck and a stand-assist handle so you can take advantage of this boat's excellent secondary stability by standing for a better casting position • Secondary rear seating position allows you to move your seat towards the stern if you prefer to sit further back in your boat • 26-inch center hatch gives you storage for bait, tackle, and other essentials • Center hatch storage insert is removable, giving you easy access to the internal rod storage under the cockpit • Rear tankwell gives you enough storage for a drybag, rope, or other gear that you need to keep within reach • Bow and stern hatches have tight-fitting covers that help keep your gear dry • Boat also features flat areas for mounting fishing accessories on the hatch cover, paddler stagers, rod stagers, flush-mounted rod holders, rod tip covers, vertical tackle-box stagers in the tankwell and either side of the seat • Bow features a built-in mount for a GoPro-brand camera so you can film every moment on the water • Removable skid plate protects the bottom of your boat from rough river bottoms and shallow coves View Full Product Details >>

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Detailed Product Description

Jackson Kayaks Cuda- is finally the answer to the flatwater fisherman’s dream. It has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the rare ability to be stable for standing when you get to your destination. However, you may not want to stand because of the comfort of the elite hi/lo seat! The option to move the seat high or low depending on your preference and fishing environment, and the ability to remove it from the kayak, makes it one of the top seats on the market today.


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