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Hobie Kayaks Revolution 11 Hobie Caribbean Blue
Hobie Caribbean Blue
Hobie Caribbean Blue Hobie Golden Papaya Hobie Ivory Dune Hobie Red Hibiscus 2014 Version Yellow Papaya 2014 Version Olive

Hobie Kayaks Revolution 11

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Hobie has packed a whole lot of boat into a small package with the Revolution 11. A compact version of its big brother, the Revolution 13; the 11 offers up the same sleek and slender design but lighter and easier to handle for smaller individuals. The hands-free MirageDrive system allows you the opportunity to fish with ease, eat lunch or take beautiful pictures while still cruising around the lake or down the river. Ample storage room behind the seat means that you'll have everything you need with you, whether that's a picnic basket or your fishing gear. Just like every other Hobie model ,the Revolution 11 has a mast holder so you can sail it as well.  Add the sail and the sidekick ama kits and you’ll be flying across the water in your mini-sailboat. The Hobie MirageDrive will move your kayak through the water with minimal effort. You'll find out why it is the most efficient pedal drive system available. The newest model features an incredibly comfortable seat and a drive system with less resistance than before. The roller bearings that were added to the drive system mean you can get an extra 10% efficiency from the drive system. The new CT Vantage seat provides a multitude of seating positions so that you will be at your most comfortable while on the water. The lumbar support is run on a BOA system so that it is adjustable to each individual. The CT Vantage seat provides a nice dry ride by keeping you just above any water that makes its way into the seat area.

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Detailed Product Description

Hobie Revolution 11 kayak is finally here! It is the perfect for those looking for a smaller, sleeker pedal-driven Hobie. It’s lighter and easier to load and unload on top of your car or in back of your truck. It’s a great fit for fishermen and recreational users alike. The Revolution 11 was named the ICAST 2011 product showcase winner because it is a smaller kayak that doesn't scrimp on all of the features anglers need with the comfort recreational kayakers enjoy. If you are more of a recreational user, hauling it to the water is easy, with a lightweight, easy to transport Hobie kayak. It’s similar to the bigger brother –Revolution 13', which features a fast-yet-stable hull form. The Revo 11’s lightweight hull accelerates fast with a nimble design that allows you to make tight turns and get you exactly where you want to go. Ideal for small-to-midsize users.


Control the boat and keep your hands free for important stuff, like your fishing rods. The Revolution also features an improved hull to handle the waves.

- Mirage Drive 
- Twist & Stow rudder system 

- Adjustable High Back Padded Seat with Inflatable Lumbar Support
- Two-piece paddle w/ on-hull storage 

- Large Covered Bow Hatch

- Sail Mount
- Rear cargo area with bungee tie downs
- Two molded-in rod holders 

- Two 8" Twist n' Seal Hatches
- Hobie Gear Bucket
- Two Mesh-Covered Stowage Pockets
- Mid-Boat Carrying Handles


Hobie Revolution 11

Hobie Part # HR11YP-18572 Golden Papaya
Hobie Part # 8009342 Red Hibiscus
Hobie Part # HR11ID-18570 Ivory Dune
Hobie Part # 8009282 Caribbean Blue
Hobie Part # 8039412 Olive


Length: 11' 6" / 3.51 m
Width: 29" / 0.74 m
Hull Weight: 47 lbs. / 21.32 kg
Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs. / 3 kg
Capacity: 300 lbs. / 136 kg


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