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Hobie Kayak Gear

Kayak Carts

Spend your time on the water instead of wrestling with getting your kayak there.  Take a load off and load up onto a kayak cart. Designed for kayak and canoe ground transportation, these foldable, light weight carts will help you carry your boat and save your energy for paddling.

Hobie Mirage Drive Parts

Get ready to set sail, go for a paddle, go for a kayak pedal, or go kayak fishing. We have all the parts you need to outfit your Hobie Mirage kayak with just about everything except the kitchen sink. Pedals, fins, masts and replacement Hobie parts.

Kayak Trailers

Make loading and hauling easier by towing your kayaks behind your vehicle instead of on top. Lightweight, efficient gear trailers to haul kayaks and boards of various sizes. We have Hobie Kayak Trailers, Malone Kayak Trailers, the Pro Angler Trailer, double aluminum trailers, and single aluminum trailers.

Rod Holders

Give your arms a break while you wait for the fish to bite. Sit back and relax (isn’t that half the fun of fishing?) and store your rod in a mountable kayak rod holder while you wait. Designed for use with bait casting, fly rods and spinning reels.

Kayak Anchors & Anchor Systems

Anchor’s away! Keep your kayak in place while fishing, or just grabbing a cold one. Put yourself in position to catch fish, or some rays, in any direction using a mountable kayak anchor and anchor system.

Mounting Solutions

Mount up! Add your favorite accessories to your kayak with one of our mounting solution including rod holder mounts, fish finder mounts, deck rigging, and even gun mounts if you are taking your gun to go hunting from your kayak.

Kayak Motors

Tired of paddling? There’s no shame in getting a little help every once in a while. When you are out kayak fishing, sometimes you need a little help from a motor assist. Salt or fresh water kayak trolling motors for your fishing kayak.

Kayak Sails

Come sail away! Set up your Hobie Adventure Island with a sail and then let the real fun begin. We also have replacements parts to repair broken rigs.

Pumps, Floats, Leashes & Sponges

Don’t forget these essentials when you head out for a day of fun in your Hobie Kayak: bilge pump to keep kayak’s bilge dry, leashes for your paddles or stand up paddle boards, sponges to soak up the extra water in your kayak, and kayak floatation.

Life Jackets

A Hobe life jacket is an essential for a day of fun on the water. Whether you are going kayak fishing in your Hobie Mirage, or out sailing on the Adventure Island, don’t forget your Hobie PFD.

Hobie Kayak Gear designed by Hobie and specially for Hobie Kayaks can also work on lots of other brands of kayaks. Hobie has done a great job engineering and desigining the best Kayaking Gear in the industry. They continue to lead the charge in the making unique and leading designs. Take the Hobie AMA kit for example. Pretty cool way to add stability to a kayak. It is designed for a Hobie but also fits on tons of other kayaks. Another great one is the H-Crate. Perfect solution to getting all your gear on the back of your kayak in a nice and safe gear box. How about the new H-rail accessories? Those are absolutely brilliant way to mount something to a rail with out slipping on a rail. The 12 sided rail Hobie came up with is a perfect solution. These are just a couple of the thousands of items we offer from Hobie. There are some more items coming out for the fast selling Hobie Eclipse boards. The list goes on. To the point Hobie gear is well designed and well built. Dont forget about our vast selection of Hobie Parts to repair or replace almost anything on a Hobie Kayak. We stand behind them all so if you have any problem with something you purchased from us from them let us know chances are we will take care of you.