Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #8 Talic Seahorse Rack

As we were setting up to show off some of our favorite accessories, we reached for the Talic Seahorse racks so we could quickly set the boat up, move it around easily and put it back quickly… then we thought, ‘HEY! the Talic Seahorse is one of our favorite accessories TOO!’ (Thus making this an 11 item “Top 10” list.) So here we have the Talic Seahorse rack – very lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, easy to store – a great rack to have at home or on the road so you can dial in your boat without having to stoop over!

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #7 Hobie Kayaks Safety Flag & Light

We’ve all been there: “Just one more…”, you’re thinking. And then you realize that “just one more…” turned into “just a few more…” and suddenly daylight is slipping away. Not to worry! You have your Hobie Safety Flag and Light that you can pull out of it’s convenient storage pouch, turn on and insert into either the molded in or Livewell rod holders. Boom! Enough light for “just one more…” (seriously this time though – just one more!).

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Coming this September! The Hobie Pro Angler 17T

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will have the just announced, all new Pro Anger 17T in store this September, ready for you and your favorite fishing partner to head out on your next adventure!

Below is Hobie’s press release:

Oceanside, California, July 15, 2014 – Fishing out of one of Hobie’s Pro Angler 12- or 14’s is so much fun that Hobie is now making it possible for two anglers to share the experience in the same boat. Introducing the Pro Angler 17T. Three different configurations include traditional in-line tandem seating, face-to-face social tandem or solo, all with enough room for man’s best four-legged friend…and with plenty of space for standing, casting and fly fishing in comfort. 

This new Pro Angler 17T integrates all the features of its predecessors including Hobie’s iconic patented MirageDrive® pedal system and Vantage XT seating and adds new features such as the H-Rail System for customizing accessories, a tracking skeg for covering long distances and a battery platform for an optional trolling motor, crate or small cooler. The result is like nothing else on the market. A human-powered 17’ fishing machine. No gas needed, no-motor-zone compliant and made in the U.S.A. It does not get better.

“We challenged ourselves to expand our Pro Angler collection with a fully decked-out guide-style tandem where the aft passenger could provide MirageDrive power and put the front angler on the fish. We also wanted it to have the ability to hold an optional trolling motor for use as a bass boat,” commented Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company. “Our new Pro Angler 17T meets that challenge.”

All anglers know that customizing their watercraft is a major part of ownership fun. The new patent-pending twelve-sided H-Rail mounting system runs along each side of the boat and provides a quick and easy way to secure multitudes of accessories. Two-each H-Rail Mounting Plates, Rod Racks and Cup Holders come stock with the boat. An infinite number of optional accessories can then be added to the H-Rail such as tackle bins, fish finders, camera mount or rod holders. 

The large rudder provides steerage and maneuverability while the new drop-down tracking skeg can be deployed when covering long distances in challenging conditions. An optional anchor trolley kit for anchors, drift chutes, nets or stakeout poles is easy to install using eight strategically placed brass inserts on each side. An optional Power-Pole® Micro with a customized Hobie mount can be added to the stern.

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #6 Hobie Kayaks Livewell

The Hobie Livewell has more bells and whistles than you can shake your bait at! The on-board battery circulates fresh water into the tank to keep that bait alive and kickin’. Easy access and secure storage features make this a must for every tournament pro or avid angler. Intern and junior fishing team member, Gabe, shows you the highlights of this Top 10 accessory!

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review #5 Large Twist N Stow Rudder

If you live in a windy area (like we do!), have ST Turbo fins or have added a Mirage Sail Kit to your kayak, you might really enjoy the added control of the Large Twist N Stow Rudder!  With nearly double the active control surface of the standard rudder, you’ll see a huge boost in response and speed of your turning action. CPO (chief paddling officer, of course) John Hart tells you why this is one of our top Hobie Kayak accessories!

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #4 The Plug In Cart

The Hobie Kayaks plug in cart is one of our universal “recommends” if someone asks what they need for their Hobie Kayak. None of the Hobies are known for being feather weights, and if you need to move your kayak from point A to B, the plug in cart is a great way to not only save your back but to get it done efficiently! Kayak Shed owner, John Hart, walks you through the various plug in cart options.

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #3 Anchor Trolley!

Attention anglers! Or anyone looking to keep their hands free and their kayak in position (photographers? parents of small children?): John takes us though the Hobie Kayaks Anchor Trolley, how it works and why you might need to add it to your kayak set up!

If you have any questions on Hobie Kayaks, the anchor trolley or anything else (kayaking/outdoor related – we claim no expertise in relationships!), give us a holla!

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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #2 YakAttack Zooka Tube Junior!

In house fish predator, Langston, shows off the 2nd of our 10 favorite Hobie Kayak accessories – the YakAttack Zooka Tube Junior. Highlights of the Zooka Tube Jr: it fits on the YakAttack gear tracks for maximum flexibility and it works for both bait and spin casting. See it in action!

More questions? Give us a holla!
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Top 10 Hobie Accessories Review: #1 ST Turbo Fins!

One of the great things about Hobie Kayaks is that you can customize them to make them the perfect boat for you! Their accessory list literally fills catalogs, so we thought we would pick out our customer’s top 10 favorites to let you know a little more about them.

We talked John Hart, owner and Grand Poobah of Paddling, into telling us a little something about our first pick, the ST Turbo Fins.

Have further questions on Hobie Kayaks fins? Give us a holla or contact us!

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Jackson Kayak Illuminati Color

One of the most fun/interesting/”does it work?” innovations to the hit the industry of kayak fishing in the last year, and something we got a lot of questions on at the Pacific Northwest Sportman’s Show, is the new Jackson Kayak Illuminati color. For an added $200, your Coosa, Cuda 14, Cuda 12 or Big Tuna kayak can glow in the dark! Gimmicky,  you ask? Sure, it may seem like that on the surface, but have you ever stayed out for “just one more” (fish that is, fish!)? We sure have. And then, all of the sudden, you get that knot in your stomach that comes from being on the water a little later than you should be – we’re talking about a different knot than the one you get from having to explain why you’re an hour late for dinner. However, if your kayak glows in the dark, at least one of those knots can go away. You’re on the water and you’re visible. Safety first, friends! And this is really just icing on the cake, because it looks great during the day too and performs just how you would expect one of Jackson’s world class kayaks to perform!

Here’s Drew Gregory showing off an Illuminati boat during the day:

A close up of it’s day time look: 
And now (drumroll) at night: 

Want to know more about the Illuminati color and see how others are liking it? Check out Jackson Kayak’s Illuminati “Glow” page.

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