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*Shipping charges apply to all kayaks, Hobie products, and all orders outside the continental US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You can find answers to many of the common questions we receive. If you still aren't sure after checking this list, please contact us!


1. Returns / Exchanges

2. General Shipping

3. International Shipping

4. Sizing


Returns / Exchanges


Information on returns and exchanges can be found here.


General Shipping Questions


Free Shipping not allowed on any Hobie products.

 A. We do not allow free shipping on any Hobie product. It is Hobie's policy to not allow free shipping on any of their products and we enforce this policy.

How long will my order take to reach me if I select "free shipping"? 
   A: We offer free shipping* for all orders over $50 USD and shipping within the contiguous United States. *Kayaks Excluded. We are located in beautiful Hood River, Oregon, so depending on where you call home, shipping usually takes 5-7 business days. Destinations outside of the contiguous US are considered international.

If I select "free shipping" for my order, what method of shipping will it be sent through? 
   A: We use a variety of carriers depending on the destination and the items ordered, but normally the item will be sent either UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail. Unfortunately, we can not provide a specific carrier as we handle each order on a case by case basis.

I received a UPS tracking number when I placed my order, but it is not working when I plug it into the UPS website. Why?
   A: Generally UPS tracking information is not available until the next business day after your order ships. If you place your order over the weekend, it will not ship until Monday, so tracking information probably will not be available until Tuesday. If several days have passed and you are still having problems, feel free to give us a call!


International Shipping Questions

Do you ship items internationally?
   A: Yes, we ship most all items such as Kavu clothing,  Arc'teryx jackets and apparel, Teva shoes, Chaco Sandals and other gear to most countries. We ship via US Priority Mail International and charge you our cost for shipping. If interested in over-sized items such as kayaks or paddles we can also ship those. However we will need to calculate shipping prices for those after you place your order. We will not ship your order with out approval on shipping costs for over-sized items first.


Do you ship Vibram Five Fingers internationally?   
  A: We regret to inform you we are no longer able to ship Vibram Five Fingers outside North America. We apologize for this inconvenience, please contact Vibram directly to find a local retailer near you.


How long does international shipping take?
   A: US Priority Mail International generally takes 6-10 business days, but sometimes packages do get held up in customs.

How much does international shipping cost?
   A: Costs vary by country and package weight and size. For a quote on shipping costs**, please visit the USPS Postage Price Calculator -

  1. Pick your Country in the "Select a Destination" drop down menu
  2. Make sure "Package" is selected in the "Select a Shape" menu
  3. Enter the weight of the item in the "Enter Weight" fields. (For reference, one pair of Vibrams generally weighs about 2 pounds)
  4. Click "Continue" to go to the estimated shipping rates.
  5. The shipping method we use is "Priority Mail® International", which takes 6-10 business days and the Post Office Price column is what you can use as a shipping cost estimate. Depending on the items, that rate can change by up to $4.

For example: shipping a pair of shoes (2 lbs) to Japan would cost $29.25 USD.


**Please note that any shipping charges do NOT include customs or import tax. You will want to check with your customs office for those charges.

Will you declare the shipment as zero value and mark the shipment as a gift?
   A: We will not declare the invoice as zero or ship items as gifts under any circumstances.


Can you ship products without their packaging/boxes?
   A: Due to our return policy, we cannot ship items without their packaging.


Sizing Questions


Where can I find some information on sizing?
   A: Our most difficult shoes to fit are the Vibram FiveFingers line, which has unique sizing for each shoe they make. To find out what your size is, please go to the product page and click the "size chart" button directly under the price and color selection. Alternatively, you can use this chart:


   Classic  KSO  Flow  Sprint
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart